Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rest Day

Make up Monday-Wednesday

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  1. Rudy- your programming could be better.

    I feel the need to be honest with you and provide you with some suggestions to make it more results-driven. I am concerned that you are falling behind the fitness power curve. We can learn a lot from history and as you may or may not know, step-aerobics paved the way for some of our key fitness professionals to this very day. It seems to be the key to overall fitness.

    You see, your program lacks certain natural body movements that are critical to everyday life. The “windmill” and the “step, step, turn” are key elements to my squad when we perform urban tactics and manuevers. These basic movements can also be enhanced by the “heel kick”, “high knee” and “spreader” or any combination of the 3.

    To enhance motivation and instill the drive to succeed, I suggest “Don’t cha” by the pussycat dolls, played in loop. When your clients return their praise by “raising the roof” and include the “sprinkler” while performing the “windmill” you will see what I mean.

    I do, however, want to thank you for your lessons learned at the squat clinic. I did take away valuable information from it. Today, as I toted my 2.5lb bright green dumbells up and down my Reebok step-block (on level 1 for beginners); you will be happy to know that I wrapped my thumb firmly around the dumbell as to strive for my dream of 1,200lb squat. I do believe I am on my way.

    • You are, hands down, the funniest person I know.

      • Terri, you are also in the running for funniest person!

    • Well put. Absolutely amazing.

    • Funny, Cait. I hope you had a little fun doing STEP. Just view it as recreation.

      • It actually was fun…but not fun enough for 5am. Sleep is also fun. =)

    • Hilarious!

    • TOO FUNNY!!!!

      • great!!!

    • Priceless, Caitlin! This is why we check the blog on a rest day!

    • ok, in a very strange coincidence, I just walked down the hall in my office building to discover a STEP AEROBICS class going on in the Morehouse Medical conference room! This has never happening in the three years I have been in this building. I fear we may have entered a time warp to the 80’s.

      • as long as they weren’t wearing thong leotards and leg warmers

      • “must be some kind of….hot tub time machine.”

    • Glad to hear that you are enjoying the new programming at your gym! I only hope that one day I will also be able to the “sprinkler” while performing the “windmill”…you are truly amazing!! Keep up the good work Cait!

  2. Gonna make up Tuesday.

    If my 1RM for deadlift is 250#..should I use that to guestimate my SDL 60%?

    • I used my deadlift 1RM. If I recall that is what rudy told us to use.

    • Use whatever your highest single rep deadlift is to calculate 60% for the SDL. If your traditional DL is higher, use that number. If your SDL is higher, use that number. This is what Laura told us on Tuesday.

      • Thank you, thank you!

  3. Thought I’d work around my shoulder issues today and work on finding some power in my hips. Worked on box squats with help from Kelly. Got up to a max of 5 x 132 lbs before dropping back down to 5 x 88 lbs to really get the form perfect. I like these and will try to do them on rest days for the next few months and see if they help me with some of my goats.

    • Rumor is we’re squatting tomorrow. 🙂

    • A job well done by you and Miguel both…both of you seemed to catch on really quick!!!

  4. Oh, Rudy’s blogging about how bloggy we are!

    • Ha! That cracks me up.

  5. Made up yesterdays workout:
    -100 dus
    -75kbs 44# (first time using this weight and glad i did)
    -50 burpees
    -40 toes to bar
    -30 cleans 87#

    that’s all i could do in 45 minutes. it was good to have rooth and michael there doing the same workout!

    • oh and i was told the orders for the hoodies and t-shirts are going in tomorrow for anyone who still wants to order.

      • I hope they come soon or it may be too warm for hoodies. :-/

    • Nice job. I got to 14 cleans but that was it. 55lb kb. 155 cleans I think. Double infers are my nemisis but was good practice.

      • 130 :mrgreen:

        You’ll get those double unders…we will look at the different kinds of ropes when you get back in town.

  6. Turns out I really need to learn how to get under the bar on power cleans. Have a great bruise on the top of my rib cage and shoulder is killing me today after making up weds workout!

  7. Maybe I got 150 during the practice? Maybe??

    Thanks again for the coaching. Great workout yesterday.

  8. Made up Tuesday’s workout:

    4 rds
    500 m row
    25 burpees
    400 m run

    Went slow but steady, 29:41

    • oops, ignore this – posted on the wrong day!

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