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Don’t forget! 9am classes are available on M/W/F!

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  1. are we still having the team wod this saturday too or just the clinic?

    • At the end of the full post it says: “Clinic starts at 10am; there will be a WOD afterwards.” This sounds awesome!

    • Rudy promised beer too!!! Maybe that’s the wod – lol!!

      • Beer schmeer. Bring on the paleo cookies!!

        • We can totally turn this into a paleo potluck… :mrgreen:

          • Jeez, I miss all the fun.

          • I love it!!

          • PALEO POTLUCK! And I prefer coffee to beer, especially on a Saturday morning.

  2. Er…I don’t care WHAT Rudy may or may not have said about beer, but…EW! Coffee is a DEFINITE! Beer is NOT happening :p

  3. How about I bring Starbucks and we make it Paleo-Snackluck? If I have time, I’ll whip up a batch of those Addictive Laura Cookies. otherwise Bring a paleo snack if you can. Rudy can bring PBR.

    • I’m making my paleo muffins, 2 batches. So yum.

    • Like!

  4. I have nothing paleo to bring nor a kitchen to cook it in…but i can bring whatever is needed/requested…let me know!

    • If Christen is bringing coffee, maybe you could bring cups and heavy whipping cream or half and half.

      I’ve decided to bring strawberries and grapes.

      • I’ll pick up two 96 oz coffee-in-a-box from Starbucks. They provide cups and half/half but if you think the strict Paleo crowd will want cream, maybe bring that too.

        • Do you have to put the order in with the Starbucks in advance? Remind me and I can give you some cash to cover the coffee!

  5. And I’m thinking of picking up a deli meat tray or something from Publix…meat is always good! 🙂

  6. I will bring something no one else has listed, i’m just not sure yet what it will be.

  7. I’ll bring the bagels.

    • Funny girl.

      • Any thoughts on what else the snackluck needs?

        • bacon.

        • forks and plates? I’m not seeing that on the list…

  8. I’m bringing something vegetarian. I’m considering roasted cauliflower and/or some frittata.

  9. I will bring my apetite as asking me to cook is akin to asking me to build a rocket to the moon.

    • If you will just bring your sharp wit, I’ll be happy, Brent.

      • You’re too kind Joy! I certainly won’t bring my spelling skills. Sheesh.

  10. We need protein. Mostly carbs on the list so far. Good carbs, but still.

  11. I’m bringing a Publix deli meat tray and a fruit tray!

  12. Okay, I am making a bacon/broccoli pine nut salad with homemade paleo mayo. I may also bring a batch of paleo cookies or a paleo banana bread.

  13. you guys crack me up. i still have no idea…it will be a surprse…to all of us…even me.

  14. Does anyone know whether we have plates and forks at the gym? I though maybe there could be leftovers from the fundraiser…

  15. I do have twenty-something plates I can bring as back up in case no one else brings any. Can bring a few forks.

  16. I have lots of plates and forks leftover from Pat’s party. I’ll bring them

  17. Hey. When does the WOD actually start?

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