Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12×2 Sumo Deadlift @ 60% – rest 30 sec.


9-7-5 of:

Wall Walks
Hang Squat Snatch 155/105lbs
Burpee Box Jumps 30/26″

For time.

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  1. FIERCE photo!!

    • Don’t make me angry! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

      • Dr. David Banner, is that you?

  2. Great workout today.

    Sumo DL at 154.

    Metcon in 12:09. 30″ box. 66lb

  3. ok…thats weird…exact Same platform, exact same movement as Bryan was doing this morning…AWESOME morning crowd by the way! Sorry it ran a little late, but I think the “mini” snatch clinic was necessary for both hours. Great work though, a few folks were totally new to the movement and picked it right up, made it look easy!

  4. Thanks Kelly! Enjoyed doing sumo deadlifts for the first time today, at 109#.

    Did a modified metcon due to serious wrist/carpal tunnel issues from yesterday, and also a pledge to not get upside down for a few weeks because of some inner ear issues. Subbed holding a barbell overhead for 30 sec, then 25, then 20. It probably saved me a little time but was surprisingly hard, I think the weight was 66# or so? Time: 12:10

    Also was totally impressed with the high jumping taking place this morning. After some recent struggles with box jumps, I was happy to get reacquainted with the red box.

    • PS. That sub was for the wall walks.

  5. boy, this is going to be modification madness for me! looking forward to seeing what my version will be this evening.

  6. Used 102# for the SDL exercise (60% of my regular DL 1RM of 170#)

    32# for hang power snatch, 15″ box for burpee box jumps, and attempted wall walks: 17:06

    Never imagined 9, 7, 5 could be so hard! Wow.

  7. Very difficult workout today.
    Sumo DL 154lbs (10lbs more than my 60% — oops, my bad) I always enjoy this movement & timing of lifts.
    45lbs Hang Power Snatch — this movement needs work! I hate that I had to reduce my weight this much!! Big disappointment. At least, I did get some good lifts in…
    Time: Totally lost my paper…one minute more than Therese 🙂

  8. SumoDL at 120 lbs

    Used 55 on the squat snatch, my arms are still fried from the ring dips on Sunday and the push jerks and pullups yesterday…I had trouble stabilizing more weight than that…the rest rx

    I think it was 12:14

    9-7-5 very misleading 🙂

  9. FYI

    CrossFitRX will have a team participating in the Garage Games this weekend (Aaron, Erin, Kelly, Scott, Therese, and Trish).

    If it stops raining, come on out and cheer us on!
    Its being held at the Cherokee Outdoor YMCA in Woodstock, GA (201 E Bells Ferry Road
    Woodstock, GA 30189)

    The team events will be on Friday late afternoon (starting at 4:30) and Sunday afternoon starting probably about 12:30.

    • I want to go cheer on Friday if anyone wants to ride with me, let me know. Go team!!

      • I might go – let me see how things look later in the week.

    • GO team GO!!!

  10. Sumos at 120#. Fun, not too hard. I hate to speak too soon, but I think I am getting past injuries and fear and getting my strength back.
    44 # bar and only a 10 inch jump, but that was hard enough for me after the squats and burpees. This was my first time with wall walks, and I did better than I thought I could. Hard, sweaty workout.

    • Good work, Ruth!

      • Thanks Joy!

  11. I’m conflicted about mornings. Like starting day with a wod but my joints disagree. Came in at 4 and enjoyed working out with Jen & David! Still challenged squatting low enough with weight overhead but this was great practice.
    114# on sumo DLs
    Metcon: 33# for snatches & 20″ box

    • my squatting was marginal at best, but I was trying to do better.

  12. 93#DL but i based this on a 5-rep max i just noticed which explains why it seemed easy

    -mod wall walks
    -54# snatch

  13. Big group tonight!
    235# for sumo deadlift
    88# for metcon


  14. First day back after a weekend trip.
    176# for sumo DL. First time with this lift and it felt a bit awkward.

    66# for metcon. Hands to within 12-15 inches from wall on wall walks.

  15. 172 Sumo Deadlift (60% of 286)

    Meton, 19:14
    65# Hang Squat Snatch
    22″ box
    “attempted” wall walks; closest I got to the wall was maybe 3 feet. Very difficult.

    • Yay for you doing the 22″ box – AWESOME!!

  16. 17:?? w/ 65# squat snatches

    Most of my time was spent on the squat snatches. Laura said I was rushing the lift – slowing down and relaxing into it did seem to help.

    • and 153# Sumo Deadlifts

  17. 110 lb sumos — should have gone heavier but took too long warming up and didn’t find my max in time.

    Metcon in 15:06 with front squats substituted for snatches.

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