Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rest Day

Make up Monday-Wednesday

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  1. Made up Wed. Now have mild fran cough.
    12lb WB, 75# sqt clean

    • how many reps??

  2. Hey folks,
    For those of you asking about my locker organization, the shelf I used is a kitchen organizer from Ikea. The shelf is from the Rationell series, and they still have them but the current model is white. It comes in a set of three (two small ones and one perfect locker sized one) for 5.99. It has to be assembled inside the locker with a short screwdriver because it won’t fit if you assemble it first.

    The round magnetic containers are Grundtal series, 3 for 4.99, also in the kitchen section. The grey magnetic boxes are two for 3.00 in the home organization section. The magnetic hooks are from the container store, but you can probably get them most anywhere.

    • Ruth, don’t be alarmed at people just opening your locker to take a look in person. Thanks for all the sources.

      • I don’t mind if people look. I feel like some kind of nerdy celebrity.

        • lol

  3. Made up Tuesday’s row/burpee/run slogfest.

    • Nice work. Good time.

    • Good job!

    • Damn, I so wanted to be there with you!!! My meeting just wouldn’t let out in time!

    • Thanks, friends. We missed you, Erin. It’s a good one. You’ll love it. Hope you get to make it up.

  4. Made up Wednesday’s WOD-

    Practice squat clean: 225lbs(PR)

    135lb SC and 20lb WB (RX):

    6,4,3,3,3,2,2,2,2 = 27

    • That’s a lot of reps. This one was a killer.

      • Desperate need of some extra strength ibuprofen/icy hot for the back now! no bueno…

    • dude…well done.

    • Seriously. I did that this am. 18 reps and was dying. Damn wall balls 🙂 Nice job.

    • Welcome back CHAV…you slacker….i thought you were the one on R&R for a minute.! =) Great job!

  5. Made up Tues. 27:38 Felt sluggish esp on the rows.
    LOVE THE NEW P_A_F_R_S. Anyone?

    • Can’t figure out the acronym, but I’m guessing you love the new lifting platforms and new gym layout. It’s pretty cool.

      • It’s a fill-in-the blanl like hangman and, you guessed it. 10 platforms in one gym! WOW!

  6. Great to see Caitlin in the gym!! I’ll let her reveal her accomplishment!

    Made up tuesday’s wod. Went slow so it wasn’t too bad. Kept a consistent pace throughout.


  7. MUSCLE-UP!!!

    I GOT MY FIRST MUSCLE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only took me…2 hours of self-esteem boosting…but it was one of my goals for coming home! THANK YOU LAURA!

    You guys all rock…seriously..people I have never met before cheering me on…so awesome.

    And I figured out the kipping HSPU…thanks to Laura the great. =)

    Great day! Finished off with a 20oz Blue Moon.

    • Congrats! That’s so awesome, Cait!

    • This is so awesome. 😀

    • OMG, I totally didn’t do anything. YOU were the one who got not one, not two, BUT THREE MUSCLE-UPS! Congrats, girl!!! :mrgreen:

    • Great work Caitlin!

    • AWESOME JOB! On to the butterfly pull-ups now =) Great way to celebrate such a victory…an ice cold beer.

    • Congrats, girl! Hopefully, that makes up for the annoying life stuff you’ve had to deal with this week 🙂 I, and I’ll speak for everyone, wish you didn’t have to leave 😦 But, 7 months is nothin’…you’ll be back even faster and stronger! I better start lifting twice a day if I want to even dream of keeping up with you ;)!

    • Congrats! Sorry I never got to see you while you where here… I remember seeing you once or twice last Feb or March when I first joined and thought, “who is that bad ass”… now, you’re an even bigger one! Way to go!

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