Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Four rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
25 Burpees
Run 400 meters

*Weatherman says to remember to bring your rain slicker…I know you all won’t melt, so enjoy the brief interludes outside; they will be a welcome break from the rowing and burpees, believe me 😉

400m route

Close-up of turnaround point

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  1. I’m out of town for work tomorrow so I will not be in. I’ll have to make this up on Thursday.

    • As promised, I made this up on Thursday, 1/27.


  2. Did you guys hear that Jack Lalanne died today? I remember watching his show when I was a kid – it came on right after captain kangaroo. It is interesting to me that, if you watch his 40-50 year old videos on youtube there are distinct elements of crossfit and the paleo diet: do short bit of exercise frequently rather than long periods infrequently, avoid processed foods, sugar=evil, workouts involving minimal equipment. I’m not saying he defined either concept clearly, but given that he was saying these things almost 50 years ago, the similarities are interesting.

    • We’re dating ourselves, Ruth! 🙂 Yes, I remember watching him, too. His grand-nephew runs a crossfit box, Lalanne Fitness. But I heard them say on the news that Jack worked out for two hours every day. That’s too long!



    • That’s just plain nasty!

    • My mom used to make little sandwich things with alternating bread, cream cheese and deli ham…they actually were pretty good – lol!

    • thats disgusting!!

  4. 26:40

  5. Wonder if Rudy will visit the 5:30am folks this week? If not, someone had a question during back squats in yesterday’s wod that maybe Rudy could answer: “Why do we have to wait 2 minutes? It doesn’t feel that heavy, so why wait?”

    • Hey Joy, good question. The chances of me coming to hang out at the 5:30am group are about as good as the city of Atlanta setting up a snow/ice response infrastructure (sorry, I couldn’t resist). I will however be doing a squat clinic this Saturday (which will be announced soon) and will be able to answer all of your questions about squatting, programming, or whatever else you guys have.

      I’ll try and address this as briefly as possible… The idea with speed doubles (sets of 2 reps like we did yesterday) is to maintain speed across all sets and reps. We’re trying to teach the body to move fast with a heavy load and the rest intervals allow for no breakdown of the speed. If the load “didn’t feel heavy” yesterday it’s probably because the athlete was not working off of a true 1RM. Neuro inhibition will only allow for so much load to be handled by a novice squatter, therefore, it probably wasn’t very heavy (there may also be technique issues which are holding the athlete back). Yesterday’s load should have been medium/heavy and should have needed an appropriate amount of rest to maintain speed across all sets and reps of doubles. We keep the reps to just two because this allows us to get in and out of each set before the dreaded third rep which is where muscular fatigue usually begins, as well as, CNS fatigue from simply holding the heavy load on back for too long.

      Sorry, not a very short answer at all. I’d LOVE to talk for a million hours more about this on Saturday 😉

      • Thanks, Rudy! I hope whoever asked that comes Saturday or reads that post. I can’t remember positively who it was but there were some newer folks who haven’t established 1RM yet. Mine felt medium/heavy and for next time I’ll know to try to move faster.

    • It felt heavy to me.

      • Me too…I worked with Erica, so I used a weight that was probably more than I would have otherwise (a good thing). Not HER weight, mind you, but probably more than 70% of my 1RM. I was glad the lift was challenging since it was only 2 every 2 minutes.

  6. Wish I gone faster, harder. 31:39

    • Oh, I almost forgot to say it: RX!!!!!

  7. Today’s WOD: 31:27

    Yesterday I took the dog for a quick 2-mile run after the WOD (this made possible by the shift to 6:30). Yeah…today I didn’t do that.

  8. Good AM crew…Nobody seemed to mind running/burpee/rowing in the morning. Ya’ll are crazy! Theres no way I would’ve come in for that…apparently Zeke and I are on the same page 😉 Hope you enjoyed your extra hour

  9. I came back yesterday for my first day back in ATL, LOVED it! I was telling Rooth that there are so many people who look so different! Strong and thinner! =)

    Can’t wait for today! RAIN WOD! I have to drive all the way back to Lithonia because I forgot my shoes…boooo see you this afternoon!

    • Nice meeting you yesterday Cait! I would loan you a pair of mine but a men’s 13 might be a little loose.

    • Welcome Back!! 🙂

    • Welcome back to USA, Caitlin!

      • Thanks guys!

  10. My 3 goals for this workout:

    1) no stopping during burpees
    2) no crying
    3) no puking

    Achieved!!! 39:27

    • 🙂 awesome

  11. The burpees were a lot more troublesome than I thought…


    • I f’ing hate burpees.

  12. No sitter today since I kept Lills home from school due to a cough. HATE missing a workout…will make it up Thursday. Drove by peeps running this morning in the rain. You all were rockin’ it!!

  13. Super energy at the Power Hour!! Props to all who braved the wet & kept on burpee-ing 🙂 A special shout to Terri who, beforehand, set some specific “mental fitness” goals for the WOD and then followed-through on her intention…Great Job!

    • 🙂 Thanks Michael!

      Yay to everyone who did this mother huffer!! We rock!

    • Yes thanks Michael for all of the encouragement!

  14. Felt good today.

    24-25 min and change.

    • NICE!!

  15. 37:01–i felt really slow

  16. 35:30…

    pretty slow but I kept moving so Im proud of myself…

  17. 4 x (500m row, 25 burpees, 400m run)

    • Speedy!

    • Great job!

  18. 25:13

    • Good going, girl!

    • Dang, I kept imaging you ahead of me during this one, hoping to make myself faster…and you really were ahead of me – lol!!

      • Trash did not tell you that her time included changing in and out of a jacket and hat on every round. She’s lightning fast, even at that!

        • Trash?! Ruthie. Watch your typing! 😀

          • Oh dear. That incredibly unfortunate typo is an artifact of my poor typing skills and the process of learning the ipad keyboard. SORRY TRISH!
            Of course, Terri thinks this is SO funny she can barely contain herself. *sigh*

  19. You guys are all so funny! Trish DID kill it! I had 26:41…still happy…AND got car splashed on every lap! FUN!

  20. 4 x (500m row, 25 burpees, 400m run)


    I swear those cars were aiming for that puddle (that’s what I would do).

    • Wicked & fast.

  21. Made this up on thursday evening. Went slow and steady. 29:41.

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