Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rest Day

Make up Wednesday:

15 minutes Split Jerk practice (not necessarily working up to a 1RM)


2 Deadlifts on the minute every minute for 10 minutes @ 75% – accumulate as many Double-Unders as possible in the time between lifts.

A Letter From Rudy:

I would love to answer any programming questions you guys have next week. I will be around as much as possible and absolutely love to discuss programming, CrossFit, and almost anything fitness related.

Just to give you guys some background in advance… I would never say that my programming is better than something else, nor would I disparage anything that anyone in the community is doing. I have taken influence from many philosophies, and have had the opportunity to be taught be many spectacular coaches. Like Laura said, the majority of affiliates are doing some sort of hybrid programming and the affiliates that are taking the most time, care and effort with their programming are producing the best athletes. I am obsessed with performance, fitness, and gleaming every possible ounce of it from each of my athletes.

I can promise you this – no stone has been left unturned. Every rep, movement, pound, and percent is there for a reason. Every micro, macro, and meso cycle has been designed to get each athlete to a place where they are better than yesterday, better than a month ago, and eventually better than they’ve ever been.

If you need stats I can give them to you. My gym has roughly 30 members more than yours. We have:

  • Six sub-3 minute Frans
  • Seven 500+lb male deadlifts
  • Eight 300+lb female deadlifts
  • Five sub-8 minute Helens (and one sub 7)
  • Two 30+ Cindys
  • Six 400lb back squats
  • A sub-3 minute Diane (female)
  • Three 10+ Nates

We sent 7 athletes to the Central East regional last year, I personally have coached 2 athletes to the CrossFit Games, and – more importantly – we have a 65 year old lady named Maggie Cohen who could barely walk when she came in the door and can now deadlift 195, squat 135, and run a mile sub 10 minutes for the first time in her life – EVER. I know you’ll say that everyone here is a former athlete, and is 20 years old, but it’s not true. They are working professionals just like you.  They simply have trusted me with their fitness, and they have not been disappointed.

Finally, if you need anecdotal evidence from your peers, ask Ruth and Terri what sort of progress they’ve made over the last few months. Ask Joy how her first pullup felt. Ask Kelly if a nearly 3x bodyweight deadlift was something he ever thought he’d acheive. Ask Pat how it’s felt to lose over 20 pounds of bodyweight and PR on literally EVERYTHING. I look forward to doing anything I can to help even more of the CFRX athletes achieve the ultimate goal of fitness – being the best possible version of you.

Rudy Nielsen
Owner, Outlaw CrossFit

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  1. Split jerks @ 142 lbs. (still hindered by weakness in left forearm)

    185 DUs with deadlifts at 169 lbs.

    • Nice work, Mike!!! 😉

  2. Good am crew again! Never thought I’d evolve to actually enjoy getting up at 5…but, its not so bad! Props to all…it was a good workout!!

    • Thanks Kelly… nice to finally meet you.

  3. I spent some time this morning experiencing gratitude. I am so grateful for this wonderful community at CFRX and all the positive energy that resides in the people here. Looking forward to more time choices and will probably switch to a.m.

    • 😀 Me too!!!

      Here’s a list of my Growlery accomplishments to date:

      * Rope climbs
      * Double unders
      * More confidence, better form, and increasing weights with lifts
      * Better at running
      * Better at wall ball
      * MUCH better at squats
      * Willingness to work on handstands
      * Shoulder rolls on the mat
      * More confidence with banded pull ups; able to string several together
      * Excitement about trying new things
      * Near perfect attendance (I used to be very selective about HQ workouts and skipped a lot of the weight work. I’d become so discouraged about my lack of progress that I was considering giving up CrossFit completely.)

      Finally, I’ve been told that my body has changed quite a bit since I started the Growlery in August, and I have to say, at the risk of sounding horribly immodest, that I look GOOD. This makes me very, very, very happy.


      • p.s. For full disclosure: I’ve also been doing the Nutrition Challenge for many weeks. This also has a lot to do with the changes in how I look and in my blood work, which is so good my doctor is giddy about it.

        • Kelly likes this

  4. Practiced splits jerks with Meeks, not sure of the exact weights we used.

    140 DUs with 132# DL (which was too light)

  5. I hope everyone is having a good day and handling the transition well. I’ve noticed that those who have been doing HQ all along have also been making great progress. I watched Meeks get stronger nearly everytime she posted – and faster too. Erica has been amazing through her pregnancy. Zeke seems to always put up impressive scores…I’ve known him for a couple of years now; he was amazing when I met him and just keeps getting better. I noticed Amber, who is very new to CF, put up over 500 in her first CF Total! She already has a backsquat over 200. LOOK OUT!

    That’s just to name a few that come to mind off the top of my head. I’m proud of all of our athletes and appreciate everyone’s hardwork, whether you’ve been doing HQ or Growlery.

    I think you’ll enjoy the Growlery and continue to make great progress if you give it a shot. I have really enjoyed the change and the fresh approach. I look forward to what the year holds for all of us. Spring is just around the corner. Let’s all keep the hard work going.

    • thanks for the shout out Pat. i am actually very excited about starting Growlery. I wasnt at first but i figured its still crossfit… just a little more intense..

      • It’s not more intense, Amber. It’s just different, as you will experience. It has yielded good results for a lot of us and you’ll hear more from Laura and Rudy about the reasons behind that. Look forward to watching your progress, stong woman.

      • That was me. Just logged in on a different account. 😦

  6. 177 DU with DL at 174
    75% would be 180 but I rounded down since I just did DL on tues (45 @ 154)

    Maze I think we used 75# for split jerk.

  7. The Growlery accomplishments sound amazing. I look forward to trying it out!

  8. Did monday’s growlery workout.
    129#-front squat (PR)

    15 AMRAP @ 77#
    2rds+2 pullup toes-to-bar

    • Awesome FS PR!

  9. I agree with Pat about the Growlery programming. In addition to the physical benefits, I feel so much more comfortable with the lifts. Before, I hardly ever did things like snatches and kinda had to relearn them each time but we do them more often and get to work on them, not just to them in a wod. Same for the other skills, like MU, rope climbing, HSPU, etc. I feel so much more skilled than before.

    In addition to lots of PR on weight lifing, my best personal gain was in DT (5 rounds 12 deadlift, 9 hang power clean, 6 push jerk)…using the same weight, I took over 9 minutes off my time!!

  10. Wish I could have come in today! My body can’t decide if it wants to have a cold or be healthy. It’s just lingering somewhere in the middle. I took today off to see what happens.

    I just arrived in Nashville for a dinner meeting. It just started to snow, which undoubtedly means the dinner will be canceled and we’ll do a conference call instead. That means I just drove 4 hours to sit in a hotel room for a 1 hour conference call and then get up tomorrow and drive all the way home! Oh well…sure is a nice hotel room!

    • Maybe you can get a hotel wod in. Drive safely!

  11. Did Monday’s growlery.
    Front squat 1RM: 208 PR by 17
    15 min AMRAP
    21 Pull-up toes to bar
    15 Split jumps
    9 front squats @ 125# (60% of 1RM)
    3 rounds even

  12. First Growlery WOD today:

    Finished with 75# split jerks. Then 142 DUs, with 143# DL weight.

    Huge thanks to Kelly for excellent early-morning-coaching and difficult-transition-easing.

    • Great work, Paige!

  13. I made up wednesdays WOD.

    103# split jerk (this was an exciting acomplishment)

    186# DL with a butt load of singles… my leggs were killing me on this but I made it through.. 🙂

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