Wednesday, January 12, 2011

* TONIGHT – Growlery at 4pm and 5pm;
HQ at 4:30pm and 5:30pm. WE WILL CLOSE AFTER THE 5:30pm SESSION *

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
Row 250 meters
25 Push-ups

Josh Everett 9 rounds + 129 meters, Rob Miller 8 rounds + 20 push-up,Kristan Clever 8 rounds, Kevin Montoya 7 rounds + 19 push-up, Michael Giardina 7 + 241 meter.
Post rounds completed to comments.

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  1. If there’s a noon Growlery tomorrow, I WILL BE THERE. If not, 4 p.m. Must. Will. Go. Ice be damned. Stupid ice.

  2. Did anyone see HQs picture today? LOL! There was a picture a few weeks back with females doing pullups without shirts on (taken from the back of course) so look at todays…butts are funny.

    • we should one up that by just have one without any shirts or pants from the back:)

  3. Sorry, Damon — thought you were planning on being closed this morning. See you later today.

  4. Is there a 4pm session today? I’m trying to make it to the office about noon and would like a real workout but don’t want to be out past dark in this mess.

    • We can shift the evening earlier, just like we did yesterday. I will post for sure at noon, but, let’s say:

      4pm and 5pm – Growlery
      4:30pm and 5:30pm – HQ

      Is anyone needing/wanting a time later than 5:30pm?

      • Are you still there at noon? I can come at noon or 4.

      • If I come in it will be at 4pm. See if the sun can work some magic during the day in spite of the temperature. That $500 car insurance deductible looms large in my mind when I think of driving…

  5. Noon is on!

    • A slippery walk around the grounds with my little brown dog reveals that we are still trapped here.

  6. I’m in for 5:30 today. Thank you for offering a few options.

  7. I won’t make it tonight. Slid to work- no clinic but I’m now on-call starting at 5 either here or at home depending on how things look:-(

  8. Today’s WOD: 4 rounds plus 250m row plus 17 pushups. Eight lousy pushups away from 5 rounds…crushing.

    By the way, this was one of those days when I was happy to be doing HQ and NOT Growlery! Way to go, Growlers.

  9. Not a remarkable performance today but I thought Lateefah did a great job keeping up with the boys.

    RX 5 rounds, 250m, 15 pushups.

    Same with I think 10 pushups.

  10. Great crowd tonight! Enjoyed doing the WOD with Maze and Amber. Try as I might, I couldn’t catch them. Push-ups are not my friend right now.

    5 rounds + 250m row + 9 pushups, RX

    • but to be fair, you did do real push-ups (and you were only 8 push-ups behind me)… AND YOUR PREGNANT… lol

      • 🙂 AND to be fair, I’ve been crossfitting for over 2 1/2 years. You are very strong, motivated, and are using fewer mods every day. So it won’t be long…

        • awww.. thanks.. i do appreciate it…:)

    • Enjoyed doing the workout with you too Erica! And ahem, you did catch me at the very end… I only squeaked out 7 pushups in the last round (and as Amber noted… on my knees and not pregnant!). I came home and bragged to my sis (who’s also pregnant, just a month or so ahead of you) about how amazing you are. Nice job!

      And nice to meet you Amber!

      • Oh, I didn’t realize that! Well still, the only reason I kept up the pace I did was because I was chasing you two the whole time!

      • it was very nice to meet you as well.

  11. 6 rounds + 220 m

    • Nice, Mike!

    • Yes, I watched Mike and Miguel and they were flying. Very impressive.

    • Nice work Mike!!

      • Thanks, guys! : )

  12. 3 rounds + 250 + 10 pushups
    Pretty disappointing, lots of room for improvement 🙂

  13. 4 rounds 250m 12 pushups

  14. 5 rounds + 250m row + 17 push-ups.

    I was kinda disappointed when Damon wanted me to do knees on the ground push-ups but after starting I was SO GLAD!!! i would have never been able to make it doing real push-ups.

    on another note… Laura came over and talked me into (and encouraged me) changing bands on my pull-ups for warm-up. After changing the bands three different times we ended up with the next to last band before using no band. (we even tried using no band for one and i was very close.) She said it wont be long before i can use no band. Im so excited.

    ***************THANK YOU LAURA!!!!!!!!!**************

    • All I did was hold up the mirror so you could see what you were capable of…YOU did all the hard work; I just sat back and watched you shine :mrgreen:

      • well… i still have to thank you.. i would have never even attempted it without your encouragement.

  15. 5 rounds + 250m row + 7 pushups

    Knee pushups (which, as Amber said, were a good call in hindsight).

    Nice to finally get out of my house!

  16. Couldn’t make it in today, but needed the push-up practice.

    6 rounds for time
    25 push-ups
    1 min rest

    Fastest round (1): 0:42
    Slowest round (5): 1:54
    Total work time: 9:22

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