Monday, January 10, 2011


HQ Rest Day

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  1. Tuesday Jan 4, WOD: FS 3-3-3-3-3

    1RM is (was) 170

    160 (PR) -165-170-175-180

    Last time I did front squats x3 I pulled something at 155, so easy PR but still a PR over my 1RM. =)

    • NICE!!

  2. Staying home today. Did a morning alt WOD:

    ROUND ONE: Neighborhood Snow Trudge With 20# Canine.

    Drag or carry canine as needed, depending on canine willingness to step on crunchy snow. Exchange greetings with shirtless hairy redneck guy through screen door of nearby apartment.

    Shirtless hairy redneck guy: “We done got HIT! Big time!”
    Athlete: “Yes we did!”

    Discover that Publix is open. Snow Trudge home. Insist that 20# canine walk on his own four canine legs, which he is perfectly capable of doing.

    ROUND TWO: Snow Sprint to Publix.

    Sprint to Publix through ice and/or snow. Further increase pace across icy street as drivers ignore stoplight. Snow Sprint home with one bag meat, one bag vegetables and fruit.

    • love it!

    • Ha ha! That’s a scary bad wod! Especially the shirtless hairy redneck part!

  3. Won’t be able to get in to the gym today. Is there a substitute for box jumps? I have access to a weight bench, but no box. Or does anyone have a favorite home WOD in the 20-30 minute range? I don’t feel like getting on the treadmill again…

    • look on the main CFRX page on the right where it says Travel WODS, this is what i use when I can’t get to the gym.

  4. 5 Rounds
    20 Burpres
    20 Bench Knees 2 Elbows

    • Thanks, Damon! that sounds like a workout that is conducive to the constraints of working out at home. what are bench knees to elbows? do you sit on the bench and pull your knees to elbows? Should I try and work wall climbs in to the workout? I have never done them before but, judging by they youtube video I found, they look kind of difficult.

      • Rep number 8 is where it starts getting interesting on the wall climbs. :o)

  5. Bench K2E:
    On your back, holding bench under your head, start with feet on floor, pull knees to elbows, then back down toes to floor…can you see it?

    Try some wall climbs, I think you’ll like them. Note, get up in your plank before you put your toes on the wall. It makes a world of difference.

  6. oh shoot! I was just rallying to get my butt in there but it looks like I missed my window!

  7. Did a HOME wod. A variation, but fun in my bedroom.

    5 Rounds for Time
    10 wall climbs
    10 situps
    20 burpees

    Time: 24:36

    Those wall climbs were tough. I wish I had read Damon’s post about being in the plank position prior to attempting the wall climb. That would’ve made that movement a lot easier

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