Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Josh Everett 154lbs at 185lb BW, Laurie Galassi 77lbs at 127lbs, Kim Malz70lbs at 133lb BW, Miranda Oldroyd 45lbs at 149lb BW.
Post loads and body weight to comments.

Compare to 100814.

Visitors from CrossFit Malibu

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  1. Thanks again for letting me drop-in!

  2. Miss you all at RX…all WODS have looked like fun, but I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, I’ve been busy doing hospital wods…today I did 3 rounds for time, walk around 4th floor (11 hours, with 3 hour rest in between rounds) I followed that with some chikfilet sandwich curls x 4 till full. I’m not sore at all. Ready for some more!!! see you all soon

    • I love this! Congrats to Mom, Dad, big bro, big sis!

    • I still feel all warm and fuzzy from holding that baby.

  3. I say again…I have never been able to complete 1 static pull-up in my life…28 years folks. This might be interesting…or maybe embarrassing.

    • I am confident that will change today

    • It doesn’t have to be strict.

    • I DID IT!

      1 strict starting at BW- 134 (yay!)
      1 strict BW + 10

      The rest I kipped: 15-20-25-30-35(f)-35(f)-35(PR)

      The last was a kip and a lil bounce to get over the bar…but over I got!

      • great job, cait-makers! 🙂 thats awesome!!

      • Yay!!!!!!!

  4. Last time:
    Starting weight – 230#
    Additional weight – 55#
    Total – 285#

    This time:
    Starting weight – 227#
    Additional weight – 69#
    Total – 296#

  5. BW+30,+40,+57,+77F,+77,+82F,+82PR
    Up from BW+69 in March 2010

  6. BW 173.6
    29.4, 45, 56.2, 72.2, 80, 93.4F, 91.4PR.

    BW with weight 265#

  7. Btw…I had another PR today…or personal achievement. I was goofing around and did a MU in between pullups, but it was a dead hang non-false grip MU. I can see how you could string them together now. That’s the next goal.

    Also great seeing a bunch of RXer’s I had not met yet!!

  8. First time weighted pull-up’g. Not sure what my max was so I started really light on this one.

    BW – 147.25


    The last one came with a mini-kip for momentum.

    • Oh yeah, so total BW + weight = 262.25

      • Dude…you are out of control!! All of ours were with full kip on all reps!

        Mini kip for that weight?…That’s just BANANAS!!

        • he is superhuman…wait till you see him in action…people just stare at us. I like to think its because of my bodacious booty…but i am sure its because of the weight that Chavez pushes.

          • Will he be Atlanta based we he comes home? If so that’s awsome!

  9. so fun working with all the guys today! (thanks for helping me with the vest, again) this was my first time doing weighted pull-ups.

    10 – 15 – 20.2 – 25 – 32.6 – 46 – 56f

    46 pr!

    • ooh! Great job Jax!!

    • Nice PR, lady!! 😀

    • You are da bomb!

  10. First time doing weighted pull ups. Great working out with everyone today.

    BW 158.

    Total BW + weight = 202.

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