Saturday, January 8, 2011

Five rounds for time of:
10 Wall climbs
10 Toes to bar
20 Box jumps, 24″ box

For the wall climbs, start with your toes and chest on the deck, walk your feet up the wall until your chest touches the wall, and then descend back to the original position.

Kristan Clever 11:07, Annie Thorisdottir 11:29, Chris Spealler 11:44,Austin Malleolo 12:08, Laurie Galassi 12:54 (20″ box), Rebecca Voigt13:09, Josh Everett 15:27, Michael Giardina 15:55, Ken Gall 16:36, Kevin Montoya 17:20, Karianne Dickson 19:09.
Post time to comments.


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  1. Wowwy wow wow! That was fun! And…extremely difficult!


    T2B were unbroken – kipped on each one
    WW in 5-2-2-1
    BJ in 10-5-5 – double jump each one

    • That’s amazing, Cait!!

  2. 26:59.

  3. Interesting. Also hard. Shoulders gave out quickly on this one. Somewhere around rep 5 in the first set of wall climbs.

    Total Time: 33:59. Rx(ish) – definitely should have gotten my chest closer to the wall in the later rounds.

    Time by rounds: 5:15, 8:15, 6:50, 7:00, 6:39
    (Not quite sure what happened in round 2)

  4. HQ Rx: 28:28

    The wall climbs were much more difficult than I expected, though by round 5 they were easier (I improved my technique). Very tough on the shoulders.

    Time after round 2 was 11; and round 2 I did anywhere from 9 to 12 wall climbs, I lost count 3 times and it was the hardest set for me

  5. Pat and I joined forces for the team med-ball wod, which was fun and a good workout. We got 3 rds + 27

    Since I a glutton for punishment (and I wanted to earn some cake today), I did 3 rounds of todays wod, very slowly, in 19:31. Used 20″ box per Damon’s suggestion. Was very glad I didn’t have to do all 5 rounds.

    Great to see the gym so busy this morning! I love our gym!!

  6. 23:50 RX

    Cardio felt really great today. I wasn’t making up time on T2B because I was struggling to consistently string them together. So I made up all lost time on BJ 15-5 with very short break, so I could take big breaks on the wall business.

    Great 11am crew today.

    • damn Dallas… you blew everybody away with that time!

  7. OH MY!!!!! this was the most I’ve sweated since being in cross fit… i HATE wall climbs.


    WC- didn’t completely do chest to wall. i got about 1 to 1.5ft away.

    knees to elbows on bench for toes to bar.

    not sure what the inches are for the boxes but i did my first 10 on the red and the last 10 on the small black each round. first time using the red..

  8. Well done everyone, you all did great!
    Sorry I couldn’t demo anything, hopefully it won’t be an issue too long…

  9. 19:10

    Wall climbs-Absolutely dislike them. Didn’t expect them to be that difficult
    T2B-Unbroken; good rhythm
    Box jumps-sets of ten. Getting better at them

    • Very nice!

    • Thats awsome. That’s raw strength and endurance right there!!

  10. 31:31 Rx
    This was really hard. Wall walks were miserable. Unbroken box jumps for last two rounds. Also need to work on stringing together toes to bar.

    Good news is tomorrow is the last day before rest day.

  11. Working with Laura for team WOD was great motivation! Laura, thanks for trying your best to keep up with me. 😉

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