Thursday, January 6, 2011

HQ Rest Day


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  1. for those of you that ordered a hoodie, i picked them up tonight! i can leave them in your lockers of what ever works best. let me know…
    also, if anyone wants one i ordered a few extras!

    • I don’t have a locker, but you can leave mine with a note in somebody else’s locker if you want… Just let me know which:)

      • wont be back until friday. if you are going to pat’s party i can leave it in my car and give it to you then.

      • Look at Scott, trying to get into someone’s locker!

        • Ha… I’m going to hijack somebody’s locker:)

          • get terri’s!

          • No! Not mine!

    • Yay!! See you Friday eve! Hoodie hoodie hoodie!

    • are you leaving them in the lockers today? If you are i may go by and pick mine up.

      • ruth, i wont be back until tomorrow. sorry!

        • no worries.

  2. Did a little bit of strength followed by a 20 min AMRAP

    Began with 3 rounds of Hang Power Snatches for max reps at 110lbs

    1- 9 (lost grip of right hand after #9)
    2- 9
    3- 11 (tried the hook grip with two fingers over the thum, MIRACLE!! I could hold on so much easier) Great learning today


    20 min AMRAP
    10 push press (110)
    10 1.5 pood KB swings
    10 24″ box hops

    11 rounds plus 5 push press

    • The hook grip is my friend too!

  3. Made up “Jack” this morning

    20 min amrap

    10 Push Press @ 80#
    10 KBS @ 35#
    10 Box hops on 24″ box

    10 rounds + 5 push press

    1st round of PP unbroken; rest mostly 6/4 (one 5/5)
    all KBS unbroken
    box hops one at a time; steady pace

  4. Made up Fran.

    RX 15:20

    This is my second time doing this RX… first was back in Sept 2010 at 18:40.

    Good to see improvement, but I’m still so SLOW. Thrusters aren’t terrible, but I literally do 1 lousy pullup at a time. I bet my pullup time is double my Thruster time.

    • Great PR!! Great to see you making the progress. You work hard and deserve it.

    • 15:20 is a LOT faster than 18:40!! It’s all about perspective.

  5. FRAN- posted in yesterday blog. RX 65#- 6:05

  6. Erica,
    That was the top (non-Zeke) score posted. Crazy that you’re able to do all of that as prego as you are…gr8 job!

    3 min P are nothing to sneeze at. I know it will be even faster next time. Keep it up!

    If only we can get those air squats a little faster, you might end up being alright.
    BTW, Isabel is coming soon…

    • Thanks, Damon!!

  7. Made up Monday, 3 Rounds of 400 Mtr Run; 30 OHS 75lbs; 21 Pull Ups

    17:15 Min. I don’t feel like my arms, shoulders, or legs have been ‘fresh’ in more than 10 days so they fatigued quite quickly. I think there could be a faster time for this in me if I wasn’t so damn sore.

    Great to see Dallas kill Fran, and with a headache.

    • Dude, you hit the leaderboard on this one. You let me know I need to spend less time staring at the bar.

  8. First Fran

    RX 6:59

    Lateefah 65# and mod pullups 15:16 PR
    She went up at least 10# from the last Fran…great progress.

    • PS….Damon said he expects 2min less next time.

      Dude…your neck injury is affecting your judgement. Have you seen a doctor?

      • Damon knows what he is talking about… just watch

    • awesome! great job to the both of you!!!

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