Monday, December 20, 2010

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Dave Lipson 505lbs, Austin Malleolo 390lbs, Kristan Clever 270lbs,Rebecca Voigt 200lbs.
Post loads to comments.

Compare to 100829.


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  1. 88-98-110-120-130F-125

    Eric put up some impressive numbers this morning!

  2. 77-87-99-109-119

  3. I agree with Jen–Eric moved major weight this AM.


  4. same story…shoulda coulda done more…both of us really

    CAIT: 175-195-210-215-225

    CHAV: 295-315-355-375-395

    • Just went back and looked, when CHAV and I did the 1.1.1….a month ago or something our maxes were:

      Cait- 200
      Chavez- 355

      and we celebrated me getting 1 squat of 200lbs, this is a whole new kind of awesome.

  5. Did a globo gym version of “nutts” tonight. It was a hodge podge for sure, but it still worked out to be a great workout. I got a few strange looks and a few “wow, that’s inspirirng” comments. As far as globo gyms go, this one is pretty good – at least they have boxes for box jumps and kettlebells up to 35#. So here is what I did:

    10 HSPUs
    15 Deadlifts @155#
    25 box jumps – 24″
    50 pull-ups
    100 thrusters w/ 12# dumbbells (in place of wall balls)
    100 KB swings w/ 35# kb + 100 tuck jumps (in place of 200 double-unders)
    400 m walk w/ 45 # plate


    Pull-ups were slow. 3-4 at a time. It is amazing how difficult sweaty hands, bad bars, and no chalk makes pull-ups. It wasn’t until I walked all the way up the stairs with the 45# plate and got halfway around the track that it dawned on me that 45# was probably the men’s weight. No wonder it was so darn heavy!! It was awkard to carry so I walked instead of ran.

    • good job! way to make it work!

  6. Good day. Did the warmup and included about 8-10 MU’s the another 5 or 6 after the WOD trying to get closer to strict MU’s (they’ll come evetually).


    I’m happy with today’s results.

  7. 142 – 154 – 166 – 176 – 181 x 2

    176 was my previous PR. I know 181 doesn’t count because I only got two, but it’s still progress for me.

  8. 176-198-208X1-154-198X2-154X8 then worked on the low bar squat form… gonna start trying that approach from now on. 198 would be a PR since I think this is probably the first I’ve done X3 back squats.

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