Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three rounds of:
10 Weighted pull-ups
30 Back extensions

Kim Malz 3:28 with 20lb DB, Austin Malleolo 3:43 with 40lb vest, Kevin Montoya 3:56 with 40 lb vest, Tamaryn Venter 5:01 with 15kg DB, Pat Barber 5:43 with 2 pood KB, Mark Rosen 6:37 with 50lb vest.
Post load and time to comments.


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  1. Light “crowd” this morning. It’s 36 degrees…so, the ice is an invalid excuse. LAME!

  2. Used a 20# vest.


  3. Didn’t come in because of the weather. I’ll be there this afternoon.

  4. You guys need some motivation to get in the gym on this icy Thursday??? Check out todays HQ pic…..GOOOOO!

    • Is she gonna be there? I would totally come for that. 😀

      • Ha! I agree that’s a hot picture.

  5. Really wanted to do this today, but I got diagnosed with strep with and 24hr quarantine period as I’m contagious. Not happy about this.
    I’ll be in Saturday.

    • There’s no getting sick in CrossFit!! Get well!

  6. Used a 38 lb vest and finished shortly behind Erica — somewhere around the 6 minute mark, I think.

  7. HQ Girl is significantly less than curvey…not my speed.
    Dallas, that sucks about the strep. Seems that crap has been going around though. Hope that $#!t stays clear of me.

  8. Hope you feel better soon Dallas!

  9. Hey, Dallas, hope you’re better soon. Everybody stay healthy and get to the gym! I’m in Seattle where I had the most fun workout at Urban Crossfit that involved Rope Swings! xoxox

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