Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three rounds of:
10 Deadlifts
30 GHD situps

Mikko Salo 3:54 at 315lbs, Michelle Kinney 4:23 at 205 lbs, Leah Polaski4:24 at 187lbs, Dave Lipson 5:02 at 455lbs, Tim Burke 5:51 at 315lbs,James Hobart 5:59 at 300lbs, Rob Orlando 6:08 at 315lbs.
Post load and time to comments.


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  1. 6:28 @ 159# (169% of 1 RM)

    All reps unbroken

    • forgot to mention I did 45 abmat situps instead of 30 GHD. Can’t do GHD right now. Not supposed to do abmat either according to the rules, but I’m letting my body make the rules and it said it was fine.

      • Erica, you are amazing.

        • Agreed.

  2. 5:52 @ 121# (don’t have a recent 1 RM, but in retrospect, this was a little too light)

    • ya think??

      • Hey jen, you might be wondering what I meant by that! I thought your post was Mike’s…wasn’t looking closely. So ignore my comment!

  3. This is hilarious!

    • luuuuv it! …wonder if there’s one of these videos comparing the cult of climbers to crossfitters out there…? 🙂

  4. 7:54 at 165 (69% of 1RM)
    Broke 3rd set of DL into 2 sets of 5

  5. DLs 121#
    Time: 8:27

  6. DL 250lb
    6:51 Min

    Fun, especially after the whooping from Whitten yesterday

  7. Chose 308# for this one, which is about 64% of my prehistoric DL Max of 486#. First round was 5 and 5, the others were 5-3-2….the sit ups were awful.

    10:35 @ 308#

  8. I love this parody.


  9. 6:13 @ 164 lbs

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