Thursday, December 9, 2010

HQ Rest Day


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  1. Tonight, 7:30 pm at the Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta. Drink to celebrate Terri’s half century! Everyone is invited!

    • Terri, I am so sorry to miss the fun tonight. I’ll toast to you from Nashville.

      • Thanks Erica! I’ll miss you!

        • Terri – Happy Birthday. Sorry to miss the event but I’m already double-booked on holiday gatherings this evening.

          Congrats on completing the celebratory filthy fifty in your honor yesterday.

    • Happy Birtyday Terri!!!!

    • 😦 looks like i’m gonna miss out on the fun tonight…but nonetheless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terri!!! 🙂

  2. Hey! It’s snowing on the blog!!

    • I’m cool like that 😉

    • Wow!! This is even cooler than Baconify!

    • I love that (though thought I was crazy for a second there)!

  3. Damon, you were so right about my calves. OW.

  4. Thank you SCAD for making me think my computer is broken

  5. Made up yday’s WOD:
    Run 400M
    15 pullups
    50 squats
    15 pullups
    ==3 rounds


    Used the red band for CTB pullups (or at least an attempt at CTB) for my last two rounds of 15 (30 total). My RX pullups are terribly slow… strung a max of 5 together at the onset and very quickly went to singles… frustrating.

  6. made up yesterday’s WOD
    25:13 I think
    green band for pullups

  7. Made up yesterday’s WOD

    green band for pull ups
    25:13 I think

  8. Made up deadlifts 2×10

    1&2: 308
    3&4: 318
    5&6: 323
    7-10: 328

  9. Yesterday’s HQ

    15:25 RX

  10. Climbing & Crossfit–what more could anyone want??? 🙂 Saturday @ Stone Summit…the biggest, most awesome climbing gym in the U.S.!! And Coach Glassman! Come onnnnnn!
    Here’s the schedule again: 1000: Registration Opens 1000-1130: Climbing/Hang-Out 1130-1200: Coach Glassman Meet & Greet 1200-1300: Climb/Hang-Out 1300-1400: Climbing Races 1400-1500: Movement to After Party 1500-TBD: After Party (Location TBD)

    Hope to see you there!! Oh, and Happy B-day Terri! 🙂

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