Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
15 Pull-ups
50 Squats
15 Pull-ups

Kevin Montoya 9:52, Dave Leys 9:55, Lucas Zepeda 10:05, Jake Martin10:33, Rob Orlando 10:34, Connor Martin 10:52, Kristan Clever 11:04,Alison Patenaude 11:19, Heather Bergeron11:29Jordan Wallace11:49, Laurie Galassi 11:55, Kim Malz 12:30.
Post time to comments.


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  1. Well, I told you all we’d have to get out and run in it eventually 😉
    And gr8 job to all of you all that found a new box hop today!!

  2. Joined the 5:30 crew. Good wod but I am feeling the extra weight I am carrying and it really affected my speed.

    19:00 rx

    • Not a bad time for you and our littlest crossfitter!

    • Baby! Yay! I like babies.

      • 🙂

  3. Whose in??

    Garage Games Team Event
    Feb 4th and 6th

    • Sorry “who’s”

      • Dang! I wish I was!!! I might be home Jan 11-Jan 30…any comps in that timeframe?

  4. Did the HQ wod this morning. My back is really feeling sore from the deadlift injury and went to Sadri yesterday and it is feeling super sore. I was able to complete it, however, so I’m happy about that.

    All pullups unbroken but the air squats were tough

    14:05 i think was my time

  5. Did today’s WOD slightly modified: CTB pullups with red band for the second set of 15 in each round. Damon’s suggestion and it worked well, doing them all unassisted would have taken forever. Time: just under 25 minutes I think?

  6. I miss my butt-target! ; )

    Lost my paper with my time but it was about 30 seconds slower than Zeke, so about 14:35. Great having a big group at 6:30 again!

    • I knew you’d kill this one, Mike! Nice job.

  7. ok, Saturday is getting really close! sign up now to put that functional fitness on a rope @ Stone Summit…and remember to wear your RX shirt 🙂

    Brief Description
    1000: Registration Opens 1000-1130: Climbing/Hang-Out 1130-1200: Coach Glassman Meet & Greet 1200-1300: Climb/Hang-Out 1300-1400: Climbing Races 1400-1500: Movement to After Party 1500-TBD: After Party (Location TBD)

    • I’m gonna try to make it to watch!

  8. Filthy Fifty
    28:27 rx except the height of the wall ball shots
    3 1/2 minute PR 🙂

  9. The Filthy Fifty Destroyeth My Soul. I went into it feeling sore and blue, and it nearly slayed me.

    This is my fifth filthy fifty (say THAT five times fast). 47:41, which is 5 minutes slower than my best time, but I did more work this time, so it’s a PR. First time using Rx weight for push presses. First time doing all 50 box jumps (15″). First time doing DUs instead of singles.

    Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement! xoxo Thanks to Ruth and Laura for doing my last burpees with me.

    p.s. Rudy can suck it.

    • awesome!!

    • GREAT job T! (yup, those burpees are the worst-eth burpees in the whole world…i’d rather do 250 again instead of those 50)

      & if connor and i don’t get out of the dojo in time to come celebrate tonight, happy B-day too!! 🙂

  10. 17:10 Rx.
    Screwed up my run, how? Who knows? I got confused and thought I shorted my 400 on the 1st two rounds so I ran to the NEXT street on round 3, and then proceeded to run a side street to ‘make up’ what I thought I missed on rounds 1 and 2. Damon even came out into the cold to see where I was on round 3 of running. However, I was correct in the first place so I ran extra. Fun.

    Clearly I need a judge or ref following me all the time now.

    • I hate getting confused during wods about routes and such! I love that you tried to make it up (maybe not everyone would do that). Here’s to integrity!

  11. My last Filthy Fifty was in July of 2009. I have been avoiding it. At that point my time was 71:39. Today my time was 39:40. I did it with pretty much the same scaling, as far as I can tell. I am not known for keeping good records :-/
    9″ jump, 25lb KB, knees towards elbows, 10 lb wall ball, 90% hops on burpees rather than step ups, 100 singles as a sub for doubles. I do recall that I could barely string the singles together last time. It is fairly easy now. I am happy with the PR.

    • happy with a 30+ minute PR? I can’t imagine why! HUGE improvement!

    • WOW!!!

    • Really amazing, Ruth. When you’re sore tomorrow, be PROUD of it!

    • speechless 😉

  12. So proud of you T-Mac!!

    • Yep, me too. She worked it today, and didn’t quit.

    • Thanks, Damon and Ruthie! You helped me keep going. xo 🙂

      • I did 17 extra burpees for you – that’s how much I love you. 🙂

        • awwwww….you two are so cute!

  13. 28:25

    Like Paige, used the red band for CTB pullups (or at least an attempt at CTB) for my last two rounds of 15. My RX pullups are terribly slow…. strung a max of 5 together at the onset and very quickly went to singles… frustrating.

  14. 16:30ish….felt sooo sick after. I blame it on the chow hall.

    Chavez had 12:00ish.

  15. 15:25 RX

    For tracking purposes.

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