Friday, November 19, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Made up yesterday’s HPC

    77 99 109 121×1 114f 114
    Previous 1RM 112

    • nice work shannon!!

    • Congrats on PR, Shannon!

  2. Did a barbell complex this morning:

    With increasing weight, complete 7 rounds UNBROKEN (round ONLY counts if UNBROKEN)

    3 deadlifts
    1 squat clean
    1 push jerk
    3 back squats
    1 split rack jerk


    I completed all movements at 208, until the rack jerk. I had difficulty bringing the bar down from the push jerk to my back and fatigued my arms in doing so, so when I went for my rack jerk, I somehow threw the bar to the front, and I lost control and could not hold it up, and it fell.

    So I dropped the weight and completed the complex at 203, then decided that I was going to go for 208 again. This time I focused on the transition from overhead to my back for the squats and when it came time for the rack jerk, I was prepared and successful. It felt awesome completing the complex at 208#.

    • That sounds like fun. I may try that one day.

    • Way to focus, Zeke! That’s a lotta weight!

    • dude! heavy. good work z

  3. Good luck CFRXers!! GO THERESE!!

    • Good luck, Therese and whoever else! (Dallas, I think?) Can you post a link for info?

      • Yep. I’m going and hoping for the best.
        The crossfit dahlonega has some limited information on it. I think their facebook probably has more (all the events, etc.).
        I don’t even know what time it starts…guess I better find out. 🙂

  4. Ran 4 miles

  5. I was looking over the HQs site and came across this little video of our own Michael S being schooled by Spealler and Rich Froning, Jr. on the art of the deadlift. Go to HQ site and scroll down to Thursday November 11 and look for following. JEALOUS!!!!!!

    “PRs: Part 2” with Rich Froning Jr. and Chris Spealler, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

    • Pretty cool!

  6. Deadlift- getting ready for our competition on the 28th!


    185,205,225,245, 250(f)

  7. did nothing today, except run a new gas line in a crawl space about 18 inches tall. That was a WOD in itself and I feel no guilt. I would have rather done Eva than that. No guilt.

  8. Training for our deadlift comp-

    Reps – 10,8,6,4,2,1,4


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