Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hang power snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Dave Lipson 215lbs, James Hobart 163lbs, Austin Malleolo 163lbs,Lindsey Valenzuela 140lbs, Katie Hogan 137lbs, Kristan Clever 135lbs,Rebecca Voigt 117lbs, Michelle Kinney 115lbs.
Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090617.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Ruth for the creation and installation of our new sign!

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  1. sign looks great, ruth!!!!!

  2. wow, Ruth! you are so talented!

  3. Ruth, it’s fantastic! I second Erica’s comment – talented indeed!

    • I third it! AWESOMENESS!

      • Yes indeed…I have been enjoying the view. 🙂

  4. Best sign ever.

    • Thanks Zeke – I enjoyed it too. Form is what is holding back on these.


      Good to be back – work was super chaotic last week.

      • oops this was to respond to Zeke. I wanted to ditto what Pat said. AWESOME sign Ruth!

  5. I love love love this!! Great job!

  6. Ruthie is an artist. 😀


  7. Great sign Ruth!!

    Today’s HQ:

    Dropped the weight to work on form. I’m straddle splitting my legs a little too far for my comfort and jumping forward. NOT what I want to do.

    It was great having Bryan join us this morning. Fun working out with ya!

  8. Great work Ruth!!!

    Damon, are you going to let me work on the “10” WODs this week instead of the HQ WODs?

    • When are you going in Dallas? I’m gonna try to pick up a 20 lb bag of cat food to practice the sandbag runs….

      • I’ll be in for the 6:30pm sessions this week. I may even get in earlier depending on my work load. A bag would definitely be more comparable (and awkward) than the vest. Good idea!!

    • I got you Dallas!

      • Cool, thanks!! Are you going to bail me out when I get arrested for running down the street looking like I just stole a bag of cat food? 🙂

  9. Thanks folks. I love CFRX and all you people, so I am happy to do it. And Rudy gets ALL the credit for the installation, BTW.

  10. Agreed, great sign!


    Stayed at 75 for the last lifts b.c the first time I got 75, the form was off… the second success was better but still work to do on these.

  11. Did Isabel today instead of HQ.

    30 snatches @ 70# 6:35 (or something like that)

    It was good. Weight wasn’t too heavy and I didn’t push it too much. Next time I’ll do 77# and move a little faster.

    Then ran home, 2.8 miles, which felt awesome.

  12. Noon Growlery:

    44# snatches. Didn’t think I could get that weight overhead, but Laura insisted. And she was right. I could! 🙂

    Tabata madness: 40 T2B, 51 dips, 31 dumbell squat cleans 15# = 122

    For dips used old red. Will move to tiny next time dips come up.

  13. Snatches: 43, 48, 53, 55, 57, 58, and 60#. The last one was not pretty but it went over my head. Like many things.

    • Paige is both a badass AND a comedian. 🙂

      • Thanks Ruth…that might literally be my favorite compliment ever.

  14. Thanks for all of your work on the sign Ruth!

    Today was my first ever HPS 1RM. Previously have done snatch at 82#.

    55-65-77- 82F then back to 77 to work on form. Lift 7 finally had the correct form and then what had been heavy felt light.

  15. Rooooooth!!! (that’s my new battle cry) 🙂 GREAT looking signage!!

    Also, just want to mention i just got to schmooze a bit with this guy named Jimmy from CF HQ who is organizing the climbing festivities on 11 December @ Stone Summit and it sounds like it is going to be a Blast! Lets represent Crossfit in the ATL and get some RX’ers on the wall!! Who’s in?? (no, no speedos allowed 😉 ) …until the after-party that is!

    oh, and Coach is supposed to be there plus whomever else from HQ (& assorted kegs of beer) so it should be interesting/educational/entertaining if nothing else!

    • Poo. That would be fun to see, but I am going to TEXAS!!!

    • It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been climbing – I do miss it. My interest is piqued…do you have more details about the competition’s format?

      • it sounds really really informal…like they’re gonna have a few stop-watches and a few routes of different difficulty and just have folks rope up, then 3-2-1 go…the entry fee covers staff-belay & gear, so no technical know-how required…plus they have the beginner-walls & dinosaur slide for any kiddos who accompany folks.

        plus Coach is gonna give some sort of talk. my impression was that the actual event details are “evolving” given last night was HQ’s first on-site visit to Stone Summit…

    • I would LOVE to do this, but I’m all in for the Santa Speedo run that same day! So I can’t 😦

    • I’m in.

  16. Holy Crap!! The couplet for challenge this weekend is going to suck donkey balls. doing 150 DU’s between OHS’s is tough!!

    800m run w/20# vest (McLendon/Glendale)

    30″ box jumps
    35 in 1.5min (challenge will be 3min)

    Ground to OH w/ 95#
    16 in 1.5min

    Couplet-12 OHS/50 DU’s
    9/50, 6/50 w/95# (all OHS unbroken)


    I actually gave up on the couplet half way through but before I could get Damon’s attention to let him know I was quitting, I somehow managed to get back in it, all while the clock kept running. LOL!!! 🙂

    • I completely understand. That couplet knocked me senseless yesterday.

  17. I did 48 lbs on the snatches. I am fairly certain i could have done 55#.

    On the tabatas my total score was 144. The problem with keeping my book in my locker is I don’t have my digits to post on the blog…

    • I’m fairly certain you could at leat 65#. You looked like you were snatching that weight without moving any muscles!! 🙂

      Nice work!!

      • Ha! Thanks Dallas.

  18. 88-93f-71-76-81-88-93-93f-88-95 but the 95 was a little sketchy

  19. 98 (x3 actually)-108-113-120-120-125F-125F-122F-122-122

    I need serious practice on this move

  20. We left for work at 0600 and returned from work at 2200….then got up for PT this morning at 0400. So…yesterdays WOD was rest 4 hours of sleep and attempt to wake up.

  21. First time doing this one as far as I can tell:

    66 – 76 – 88 – 93 PR – 76 – 81 – 86

    Got to a very sloppy 93 lbs. then dropped back to practice better form.

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