Monday, November 15, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Sooo…every morning, the first thing I do when I get into the office (around midnight for you guys) is check CrossFitRx to see what everyone’s scores are. It keeps me motivated.

    I think the website is a great tool to track progress and for team-building as well.

    Can you encourage everyone to participate or post times? It’s selfish of me, but it’s the highlight of my day! =)

    Miss you guys!


    • Does this go for the growlery as well?

      • Oooh, i never check there. Is that where everyone is hiding?

        • Some Growlery folks post on both sites, some just on the Growlery page.

      • Thanks Cait! Glad you miss us, we miss you too!

  2. Noon Growlery:

    Front squats were MUCH improved, 59#. Yay!!!! For the 21-15-9, did ALL the lateral jumps! Yay!!!!! Thrusters still fill me with despair, 44#. Boooo!!!!

    Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement when I wanted to quit and/or cry.

    • Forgot to post my time, 19:53

      • great job!!! 🙂

  3. Practiced deadlifts today and got Mac to help me with my form.

    Happy birthday, Mac!

    • OOH! Happy Birthday MAC!

  4. Did yesterday’s WOD
    176# for the DL (~75% 1RM)
    3 rds + 200M

  5. 77 lb for all of the frontsquats

    BB lateral burpees
    Thrusters 65 lb

    12:19 (I think…)

    Even though I hate them, I think my thrusters are improving, if ever so slightly.

  6. Today I felt a different kind of soreness in my back, a little deeper than the normal surface muscle which has me slightly worried. I think it might have been the 30 190# consecutive DL’s from Saturday’s team WOD, but not sure. I took today off to see if it gets better as I cannot afford any injuries before Saturday. I’m hoping to do 3 cycle days and 1 rest day before the “10”. In preparation, I think I’m going to run all my 400m warmups with a 25# (or more) overhead, and I hope Damon let’s me do some work with 95# overhead stuff. There’s a lot of this in the challenge so I want to be ready…just hope the back thing is just regular soreness.

    Fingers crossed.

    • Oh no!! I hope it IS just regular soreness. 😦

    • I find that deadlifts for reps can do the same for me… generally a few days and I find it gets better

  7. Made up Nancy:

    Used 43# for OHS


    • Great time!! Fast!!

  8. I did a bunch of the “ten” WODs today to see how they felt (and to help decide if I will sign up Tues or not)

    1. 800 Meter Run w/ 20lb Vest – 3:15 Min (legs were burning)

    2. Box Jumps – 40inches – AMRAP 3 Minutes – 13, with 2 spectacular falls. Very HIGH!

    3. 155lb Ground to Overhead – AMRAP (I did 1 Min instead of 3) – 7

    4. Couplet
    12 135lb Overhead Squats; 50 Double Unders; 9 OHS; 50 DU; 6 OHS; 50 DU
    My time was 14:19 Min, and this one was where I decided I had enough for one day. Much, much harder than I had anticipated. Humbling.

    • You fell spectacularly and survived? Good to hear. (I’m working on conquering my fear of the box jump.)

    • Damn. How long did you rest between WODs?

      • I think only 3-5 minutes or so. I think on Sat there will be much more time between WODs.

        • Sometimes I rest 3-5 minutes DURING a WOD…so Bravo.

        • I hope so. Hell, I just hope I make it through the day.

          • you will do great… the energy at these things are quite amazing. I love the competitions. If you are anything like me, you will be frothing at the mouth and ready for the next competition by the end of the day:)!

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