Saturday, November 13, 2010


Four rounds for time of:
100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Handstand push-ups

Mikko Salo 10:39, Austin Malleolo 14:55, Ken Gall 15:20, Kevin Montoya15:26, Daniel Tyminski 15:04, Michael Giardina 17:35, Kristan Clever16:55 (35lb plate, 24″ box, 16lb ball), Heather Bergeron 21:38 (35lb plate, 24″ box, 14lb ball), Rebecca Voigt 21:56 (35lb plate, 24″ box, 16lb ball).
Post time to comments.

U.S. Navy Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician David Blake McLendon, 30, of Thomasville, Georgia, assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Support Activity in Norfolk, Virginia, was killed September 21, 2010, in a helicopter crash during combat operations in the Zabul province of Afghanistan. McLendon is survived by his wife Kate McLendon, his parents David and Mary-Ann McLendon, his brother Chris McLendon, and his sister Kelly Lockman.

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  1. 35:05 Rx
    Mikko is clearly not human.

    This was kind of fun, the box jumps were really difficult after the lunges, and carrying the weight overhead soon became the most difficult part for me.

    Strangely the HSPU started off the most difficult, but by mid round 3 they started to seem easier. I was probably delirious

  2. First WOD in a couple of weeks due to ongoing injury issues. Turns out it is hard to workout without using your hip, but Damon came up with an alternate WOD for me.

    4 rounds
    40 double-unders
    10 strict pull-ups
    10 strict HSPUS (Red/Red)

    Not much pain, but a little landing after the HSPUs.

    • Hope you heal up soon, Aaron. Injuries are no fun. 😦

  3. WODs for “The Ten” are posted

    Bring it on!!

    • There is nothing I want to do more than to compete in this. I am sooo jealous! You can do it Therese! Represent!!!

    • This looks perfect for me…until the OHS 😦

      • Becuase of your shoulder?

        If not, then once I said “I wish I could do doubleunders in a row” and you said “Then do it…now.” and i did it successfully. So, if you are able…then do it.

        • Yea it’s the shoulder. Haven’t tried an OHS in months, but after talking to Scott and Zeke last night I may give it a shot and see how it goes.

  4. Thanks to everyone that came out for The YardStick Fitness assessment today. Everyone was on time, and we even had a few pop in during the gaps in the schedule; I appreciate it. Regardless of if you got your desired or expected results, your number is your number, and just like your first ‘Fran’ you have a baseline to improve on. Your body composition will improve with proper nutrition and consistent CrossFit. Be motivated by it, continue your hard work and it will yield positive results. Suzanne will be returning for another round of assessments in 12 weeks…be prepared 🙂

    • Thanks for having her…she was great!

  5. Fun team workout! 4 minutes of burpee box jumps and row for calories. Then 100 deadlifts for time. Then 30-20-10 of double unders and either toes to bar or GHD situps.

    I did SO MUCH BETTER on everything today than I was expecting. Knocked out a bunch of 110# deadlifts. Wasn’t too scared to jump on the 15″ box. Sucked at toes to bar but switched to GHD for the 20 and 10 rounds and ROCKED IT. Rocked the double unders.

    HA! Loved my team of Sara, Lani, and Dallas.

    Thanks Rudy for an excessively fun warm up and a great team event. xo

    • Great team indeed!! You did a great job on the DL’s and GHD’s. Your decision to switch toes-to-bar for GHD’s was strategic and an excellent display of team leadership. I was just along for the ride. Luckily Damon was the only one who saw my shorts fall down during the DU’s. 🙂

      • Ha!! Now THAT’S some teamwork!

  6. 25:33

    (45lb plate, 24″box, 16lb WB)

    I did the HSPU, although I did not make it down all the way still…but close and getting closer!

    Lunges were easiest. I need to work on my box jump to be quick repetitive jumps instead of singles.

    • That would have been our top time today. Keep it up Captain!

  7. Chavez: 25:29

    (45lb plate, 24″box, 16WB)

    He has full HSPU, the last one was questionable, but he gave it his last dying effort so we stopped the clock. Could have done 20WB but we only have a 16.

    Martinez: 25:57

    (22lb plate, 24″box, 16WB, elevated pushups)

    We don’t have means for band assisted HSPU. For warmups, M needs to start practicing handstands.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Team Chaos…I mean WOD. Super fun working out with Brent, Christin and Joy. Thanks, Rudy, for the coaching.

  9. 32:something Rx and definitely difficult with all the shoulders and legs.

    Best part was when the yardstick girl told me I am “perfect” – can’t imagine what would happen if I gave up all of the good stuf like candy, cookies, ice cream, cappuccino, and wines… And what if I was actually working out 3 on 1 off? What’s next after perfect?

    • “like”

    • That’s wonderful, Jack. My experience with “yardstick girl” was a little different. She kept moving the device around saying “I’m trying to get you the most flattering number possible…” 🙂

  10. I also enjoyed the team chaos today! Ups to my teammates: Jax, Kelly and Rooth.

    Waiting for the ab burn to set in…

  11. I found that WOD super hard, especially the lunges, which I did with a 10K plate. The form/depth was not great but I really tried to bear the weight correctly. Not sure of my time but I’m sure it was well over 35 mins. On the upside, though, my knee was throbbing for hours afterward, but this morning seems to be more or less okay…so I can be back for more. 🙂

    • PS. Time was 34:01

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