Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Overhead squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Front squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Back squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Try to increase the load on each of the fifteen sets.

Rich Fronig Jr.: 310lb OHS, 325lb FS, 395lb BS.
Post loads to comments.

Compare toΒ 100226.


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  1. Hey folks,

    I have been using some Voltaren gel on my cranky shoulder with good results. It is a topical anti-inflammatory (google it for more info). You can get an RX from your doctor and get it here if you are so inclined, but it is over-the-counter in mexico and, for me at least, cheaper than my copay. I like it because it goes straight to the hurty spot and avoids much of the stomach irritation some of the nsaids can cause. I really think it helped me over the hump with my chronic shoulder pain.

    I am going to Mexico for thanksgiving, so if anyone would like a tube I will bring some back for you. It runs $10-11 for 100g. I’m not looking to make a profit, but I would add a small amount to cover postage since the TSA would freak if I tried to carry multiple tubes of gel back on the plane.

    If you are interested let me know. If demand is high I will keep a first come first served list. It is not illegal to bring stuff like this across the border for personal use, people do it all the time. But large quantities tend to raise the attention of the customs guys. At any rate, if you are interested let me know, and I will do my best to hook you up. All in the name of my love for CFRX and all you good folks.

    • Ruth, I would love some and am happy to pay whatever makes sense. I have chronic shoulder pain too!

    • Ruth, i’ll take a tube for my elbow, that would be great!

    • ok, I have both of you guys on the list!

    • Ruth, please include me in the order! I’ll be happy to pay you to get me a tube or two. Thanks!!!

      • will do mike!

    • I will take some too Roota! You know I’m always looking for a way to work around my pain πŸ™‚

      • gotcha!

  2. Good day for squating.
    OHS 104 (PR)
    FS 131 (PR I think)
    BS 153

    • Strong, Shannon! Congrats on the PRs!

  3. Taking a break today after four days in the gym. See y’all tomorrow.

  4. Lots of PR’s this AM!
    Congrats to Jenny-Ray and Zeke for hitting PRs on all three lifts, and Buddy for doing his first legit weighted OHS. Yall made getting up in this cold worth it πŸ™‚

    • Fun!! πŸ˜€

      p.s. It’s not that cold!!

  5. There are all new benchmarks for me:

    OHS – 81
    FS – 114
    BS – 126 (failed at 131 twice)

    Good to be back!

    • Congrats on the OHS…they’re hard!!

  6. Noon Growlery:

    This was the first time that wall balls didn’t completely suck. I felt in control of the 8# ball, and my form was good. Yay! Used the women’s bar for hang power cleans.


    For the 3 minutes of back squats, used the men’s bar and did 33 of them. Thought this would be too light, but it kept getting heavier and heavier.

    • Way to go, Terri!!

  7. Joined the L.L.O.T.N.G. Today for some productive and fun work…

    Wall Ball Shots (20#)
    Hang Power Clean (95#)

    7 mins is usually my range for 90 rep WODs, was happy to make it happen for this 120 one. Could have gone faster, but that’s true every time.

    Next, it was 3 mins max Back Squats (225#)
    15 reps….Poor, poor, poor, but squats are my biggest goat and I’m working on it. Funny/Sad part is if it was a bench press I would have gotten 20+ at that weight :-p

    • Lovely Ladies of the Noon Growlery! That’s US!

      I can’t believe you did 225# back squats. Amazing. Mine were 44#. Ha!

    • Great work, Coach!! I mean Gr8 work!!

  8. Damon graciously honored my special request to make up yesterday’s wod this morning on my only day in town. I didn’t want to spend it doing today’s lifts. It was a good little workout. Challenging but manageable. Had trouble getting OVER the 10 foot mark w/ my wall balls consistently rather than just hitting it.

    13:13 rx

    Then I ran home, about 2.8 miles

  9. OHS: 85-95-115-120-125
    FS: 115-135-155-165-185(f)-170
    BS: 155-175-185-195(f)-195-200

    Wahoo! Full squats too! OOT OOT!!!

    • Wow… you and Chavez put up some IMPRESSIVE numbers!

    • You are continuing to make me proud Γ‰l Captain!

      • Thanks guys!! =)

  10. Chavez (aka SUPER-MEX):

    OHS (first time ever): 95-115-135-155-165
    FS: 225-245-265-275-300(f)-295
    BS: 275-295-315-335-355

    • DAMN…

      • Agreed!

        • I’ve gotta tell you that Chavez is 5’2″ 145lbs…it’s really impressive to watch.

          • I’m sorry…WTF did you just type!?!
            Now I need video…

          • i second coach d’s comment…DAMN! nice work Chavez! πŸ™‚

          • Ok, so he corrected me at 150lbs not 145…regardless we will do some video. We also have a deadlift competition on 28NOV.

  11. 66-76-88-93-98 ohs
    110-120-125-132-154 fs pr
    154-176-186-198-208 bs pr

  12. Sorry I missed this one. I’ll make up this one or Monday’s on rest day. I had 2 root canals done yesterday…in the chair for 5hrs. I’m still feeling the pain. One grind of the teeth on a max lift and I would’ve lost concentration. I want to be in best form for this type of thing. I should be in tomorrow though.

    • OMG, root canals! Hope you feel better soon, Dallas.

      • Thanks Joy!!; I’ll be fine. πŸ™‚
        It was crazy though… 4 pins in one tooth and 2 in the other, and I was restricted to breathing through my nose for at least 2hrs!! What an experience.

  13. OHS: 88 – 100 – 110 – 120 – 125 F
    FS: 120 – 132 – 154 – 166 – 178 F
    BS: 166 – 176 – 186 – 198 F – 198 F

    I think there are some PRs in there but not sure what to compare them to.

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