Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Austin Malleolo 25:51.
Jason Khalipa: 2:53, 3:05, 3:23, 3:46, 3:54 = 29:01.
Kevin Montoya 31:29.
Post times to comments.

Compare toΒ 100504.


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  1. Need to vote before work today so no 5:30 for me- will try to make it in this PM if I can get out of work.

    Get out and vote today!!

  2. 2:55 – 3:35 – 4:35 – 4:35 – 4:27
    Total: 21:49 (PR by 3:25!)

    • WOW! Great job, Speedy! That Barbara is a mean one.

    • I used a time calculator, and I got 20:07, Mike…


      • Wow, that is fast!

      • I timed each round with a stopwatch, but Damon timed the whole five rounds including rests and subtracted exactly 12 minutes. I’m guessing the extra time was from not being extremely accurate with my 3 minute rests. Seems like a big difference but I can’t account for it otherwise.

    • Awsome consistency on the last 3 rounds!!

  3. Remember, when keeping track of your “Barbara” time, it’s important to take note if you are totaling just your work time or including the rest time. Either way is correct, but you have to be clear. The HQ times above HAVE THE REST TIME INCLUDED. If you want to know what their actual work times are, you have to subtract the 12 minutes of rest. For example, Jason Khalipa’s actual work time is 17:01 (29:01 minus 12:00). That puts Austin Malleolo at a ridiculous 13:51!

  4. I was not really looking forward to Barbara because I set the bar pretty high (for me) in may with a time of 23:14. It has been hard to accept what feels like constant backsliding lately. However, I am very proud of my work today – that I did it and it felt pretty good. And that entering my 2nd trimester I did 100 pull-ups, 150 pushups, 200 situps, and 250 squats. The pushups are so hard for me right now – thanks to Mike for getting me through. The whole 6:30 crowd was great today.

    29:11 RX

    1st rd of pullups unbroken, then 15/5, then 10/4/3/3
    Pushups pathetic (lots of singles)
    Situps mostly unbroken
    Squats mostly 30/10/10

    • I got 28:09…

      • Nice, Erica! This may be cold comfort because we are in different leagues athletically (is that a word?), but I can relate to the frustration. I would love to be doing unassisted pullups and plank pushups in every workout at this point, but I just can’t seem to get there. And I’m not even pregnant. Let’s just keep showing up? πŸ™‚

        • Not cold comfort at all, Paige. It is real comfort. It is all relative and we all strive for improvement at whatever level we are at. It’s not always possible though, and that’s ok. It does help to know that others experience the same ups and downs with crossfit. I agree…we keep showing up!

  5. OK – Love the 6:30 crowd. Wish I could come more often. I came in feeling very exhausted from yesterday. I had 12 hours between exercises, I don’t know how you competitors due it. Anyway don’t have my times with me, but my total was 33:50 a two minute PR. Looking at my times it was the last round. Compared to last May the 5th round was almost 3 minutes faster. Which means I can go faster. Especially need work on sit ups. But not til the two raspberries go away.

    • diaper rash cream. That’s the ticket.

    • Raspberries?

      • There are those who get raspberries from situps and those who don’t (though I have never heard that term, I know what you mean). Mike, you may be one that doesn’t experience this lovely burn.

        • Mike – that’s why I asked for the red mat. I should have used it to begin with.

          • Use my soft blue mat! Or the big striped tumbling mat. One must protect one’s assets.

  6. Very modified Barbara:

    Old red band for pullups
    Knee pushups
    Step up on box instead of squats
    (Did manage to do abmat situps correctly)

    Time: 32:37

    Down from about 38 minutes last time.

    • Nice improvement!

  7. Did Barbara, which is my least favorite wod ALL ALONE at 5:30am.

    Time minus the rest- 16:52 (I think)

    • Poor Zeke! I got an email from Damon asking where the heck I’ve been… was in full-on Halloween party prep mode late last week… so much so that I ran myself into the ground and have been sorta sick the past few days. But I think I’ll be good enough to come back tomorrow so see you soon!

  8. Noon Growlery:

    66# split jerks, 5 x 1.

    I HATE WALL BALLS. Mods for the AMRAPs = pike pushups (improving!), #10 wall ball (too heavy), 35# KB first two rounds (not bad), 25# last round (super light!). Total reps = 166

    First round accidentally did 12 WB instead of 16 and had to subtract four from my total. Hit the 10′ target maybe once or twice. Form was terrible. Next time: Use 8# ball.

    Startling discovery: I’d rather run than do wall balls, which is saying a lot because I really hate to run.

  9. 36:06 with continuous clock

    Both of my new CF recruits beat me in this (pullups killed me).

    Chavez 34:27
    Martinez 35:36

    I need to butterfly before the end of the year…so P/U don’t slow me down.

  10. Good work on Barbara everybody. It took me 45 minutes last time so I didn’t miss it too much today. πŸ™‚ I’m still doing the Growlery which I posted on Growlery page and which I’m thinking I don’t need to double post anymore.

  11. I made a big mistake today. I did a MU for just for practice during my warmup without adequately warming up the key muscle groups. In doing so I felt pulling of the shoulders and elbows. This resulted in A LOT of pain during the WOD and I was only able to complete 3 rounds. Pain aside, I was so hurt that I wasn’t able to finish the WOD because my cardio felt great during the workout.


    3 rounds 13:57 (3min rests not included)

    Remind me next time to keep it simple and use rest days and skill days.

    • Sorry. I meant rest days “as” skill days and focus on the task at hand for each given day.

  12. 2:44 round one, then it pretty much fell apart… 4:20, then 5,then, 6, then 6 (these are round numbers) – Damon had me at 25:50 something – still a PR over last time.

    Never experienced this much nausea from CF – wow.

    This pattern is metaphorical, good hard fast start, then fatigue, it gets harder, boredom kicks in and I want to quit, find something new and more interesting and easier to do… probably the best thing i get out of crossfit is working against this pattern – in all areas of life.

    • found my card…

      2:44, 4:20, 4:38, 6:50, 6:13 so 24:45 without the sloppiness of my time keeping between rounds.

    • “…probably the best thing i get out of crossfit is working against this pattern – in all areas of life.”

      I like that, Jack. So true.

  13. My time was 34:27

    Pull-ups and push-ups were a breeze but when I got down to the sit-ups I felt like a sissy girly man. Def need to work on my sit-ups!

  14. missed a day at my new box so i did barb at globogym. man, yall killed it. my times were
    512…26.12 w/o rest time added

    good news is im back in the game, and im doing pretty well in my new gym. miss everyone. ps im working on getting 30 MU before the end of the year and im using sting as my motivation. πŸ™‚ hope to see yall in december when i come bac kto atl. cheers.

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