Saturday, October 30, 2010

HQ Rest Day


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  1. LOVE the picture.

    • I love it too! I also equally love CFRX and the CFRX family. I also love tootsie rolls…but that’s another story….

  2. Did an alternate today.
    thrusters (45#)

    Light thrusters don’t seem to hurt my hip, at least during the WOD. Same minor pain on post-WOD dog walk.

    • had to think twice when i saw your WOD listed “bar”… 🙂

      • …let the record show that i am half Irish

        • Not quite sure what I was typing although I did not stop at the bar during each round. The real WOD was as follows:

          Thrusters (45#)

  3. Had so much fun today with the team workout. Imagine my luck to be on a team with Brent, Kelly, Erin, Jax & Erica! I kinda held my own with the burpees but could hardly keep up with the sled at the end. Dang, you guys are good! We finished running in 18:50 and had 726 reps of burpees/pull ups. Hilarious how much time we spent trying to figure out the wod.

    • It was FUN! Anyone who hasn’t tried a Growlery team workout yet should do it!

      • i love team workouts! i get to see all my favorite people i miss during the week. 🙂

    • Had SUCH a good time Saturday with you guys!

  4. No workout today- but do bloody marys and chicken fingers count as paleo tailgating? Dawgs ate down right now- boooo!!!

  5. Guy at the Gym: “Are you a gymnast?”
    Me: No
    GATG: Well I always see you doing weird things and handstands.
    Me: CrossFit.
    GATG: Oh, I do Crossfit.
    Me: (in my head- not if you don’t know why I am doing a handstand)”oh, good”
    GATG: yeah, you can only do it 6-7 months and you should stop for 6-7 months because it’s really unsafe.
    Me: (in my head-moron) “no…actually it promotes safe, natural movements…only unsafe if you are doing it wrong or have bad form”
    GATG: yeah, but it’s all about your lower back and its easy to hurt your lower back.
    Me: my back feels fine…now if you’ll excuse me…

    • HA! Yeah, why would you want a strong lower back anyways?

    • “classic”! you tell em! 🙂

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