Thursday, October 28, 2010

Run 5K

Austin Malleolo 20:01, Karianne Dickson 21:07, Heather Bergeron22:10.
Post time to comments.

Compare to 100728.


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  1. Best/easiest route:
    – start at the bottom of the stairs at the front door
    – go down Mell towards McLendon
    – right on McLendon
    – go about a mile or so, to the end of McLendon, where it dead ends into Ridgecrest
    – turn around and come back
    – instead of coming back up Mell, go one road further (Candler Park Drive)
    – left on Candler Park Drive
    – left on Iverson (Candler Park Drive is a dead end; you won’t miss this)
    – right on Mell
    – end at the front steps.

    Basically, this is a straight shot down McLendon and back. Easy.

  2. For those that have already asked, and those that are wondering….Yes, I will have an alternate WOD for those that want to do some work in house.

    • Great Alt WOD today! One of my favorites in recent memory.

    • I’ve mentally prepared myself for the 5k run (haven’t done long distance running in a while), but what’s the ALT for today?

      • If your mind is on running, you really should run Dude. I think it will be good for you.

        • I’d definitely recommend running as well. This is one the best crossfit WODS…

          Unfortunately I am out today catching up from some travel. I hope to be back tomorrow or Saturday.

  3. “Military leaders have always recognized that the effectiveness of Soldiers depends largely on their physical condition. Full spectrum operations place a premium on the Soldier’s strength, stamina, agility, resiliency and coordination. Victory- and even the Soldier’s life- so often depend upon these factors. To march long distances in fighting load through rugged country and to fight effectively upon arriving at the area of combat; to drive fast-moving tanks and motor vehicles over rough terrain; to assault and run and crawl for long distances; to jump in and out of craters, and trenches, and over obstacles; to lift and carry heavy objects; to keep going for many hours without sleep or rest- all these activities of warfare and many others require suberb physical conditioning.” TC 3-22.20 Army Physical Readiness Training

    Sounds like CrossFit to me!

  4. We have a 5K race tomorrow so I PR’d on my bench. 110! Oooot ooooot!

    Also succesfully completed 3 “L” Pullups in a row.

    • **in May, I could not do 1 full L-pullup.

    • Nice!

  5. Early morning meeting today. Hoping to get home early enough to get a 5K run in this evening.

  6. 1st ever 5k with the new dog…32 & change…this includes mucho jumping and spinning in a circle to detangle the leash/avoid tripping on pooch/etc (which is clearly valuable plyometric functional movement) plus one social stop to sniff a couple of neighbor dogs (i refrained from sniffing & just chatted with the owners a few minutes). no potty breaks (for either of us) 🙂

  7. Did the 5K. Not a fan of long distance running but I had to do it.


    • That’s fast, Dallas!

      • Thanks Joy!! Good seeing you yesterday…wish we could’ve had you along for the run. I ran with Charlie and Dave who put up really good times. They were within a minute of each other, neither exceeding 23 or 24 and change. I think Dave may have done it in just about 23 flat.

  8. Did the alternate alternate (awesome workout):

    Row 1K
    3 rounds:
    Step up on black box with 20# dumbbells, 25 each foot, then 20, then 15
    25 back extensions
    25 GHDs
    Row 1K

    Time: 31:36

  9. Ran this on 10NOV10. 22:52

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