Saturday, October 16, 2010

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Kristan Clever: Squat 270, Press 115, Deadlift 335. Total 720lbs
Katie Hogan: Squat 245, Press 115, Deadlift 320. Total 685lbs
Elyse Umeda Squat 275, Press 105, Deadlift 295. Total 675lbs
Rebecca Voigt: Squat 215, Press 105, Deadlift 350. Total 670lbs
Kim Malz: Squat 235, Press 95, Deadlift 275. Total 605lbs
Post total to comments.

Compare to 100724.


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  1. BS 198-220-230 (PR by 5#)
    SP 125-132-137F (137 is previous PR)
    DL 296-308-313 (PR by 12#)

    Total: 230+132+313 = 675
    PR for CFT by 38#

  2. BS- 154 (PR by 3)
    SP- 88 (I’m calling a new PR–got 90# in 2008 but being that since then I haven’t gotten over 85 I probably push pressed it.)
    DL- 242 (PR by 12)

    Overall 484 (PR by 30 from one of my first work-outs at CFRX ~1 year ago)

    • Nice.

  3. Enjoyed the team wod (“ultimate med ball”), although some ice is required now on my arm and my finger from catching the ball badly.
    During the partner burpees (partners alternating a broad jump over each other), I think Lateefah and I did combined 30-35 each of the three rounds. I bench pressed 76 which is a pr by 1 pound.

  4. Fun team workout!! Thanks to Joel and Sara for doing most of the partner burpees for our team. 🙂 My bench press max was 71#.

  5. Loved the team workout today. Teamed up with Jax, Erin, and Bret. We finished the medball relay and burpees in 17 min. Then we had 12 min for everyone to find their benchpress 1 rep max. I topped out officially at 125 (matches my PR). I also got 132 up, but I wasn’t 100% sure that I did it with no assistance, so I didn’t count it.

    • Great work! Y’all were fast!!

  6. Back squat 203 PR ( 200 previously )
    Shoulder press 108 PR ( 98 previously )
    Deadlier 308 PR ( 286 previously )

  7. 220# back squat (last pr)
    125# press (last pr)
    242# deadlift (24# less than my previous pr)

    this is actually my first time at cfrx where my performance has gone backwards, plenty of excuses as to why, but mostly because i am not trying harder these days.

  8. […] Compare to 101016. […]

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