Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Kinda eased my way back into things after 12 days off… good to be back though!

    Jerry – 30:43

    • Just realized I did this back in May at 28:48 so yeah, the days off didn’t help!

  2. Want to come in today, but woke up with limited ROM in my R arm secondary to shooting pain in my elbow and shoulder when I lift the arm. I don’t know what it is, but it wasn’t here when I went to sleep. Bummer! If it doesn’t go away by tomorrow I will see my MD about it.

  3. Came in for an alternate workout and did 21, 15, 9 deadlifts @ 121# and GHD situps. Time: 7:47. Thanks Damon!

    • Excellent time!! I know you had to be exhausted. I did the same thing a while back but with Burpees.

  4. Noon Growlery: Ran the mile in 10:14, a PR of 1:19. (Trying to keep up with Pat!)

    Used junior bar for 5 rounds of 8 muscle snatches, 12 OHS, and 6 squat snatches. Whole workout, including all the rests = 36:11

    My greatest compliments to everyone who did this with weight. My 22# was heavy enough!

    • Congrats on running pr, Terri! Yes, I agree 22# was hard enough.

  5. 1-mile run, 10:03 (PR)

    rest 5 minutes, then

    5 rounds at 66#:
    8 muscle snatches
    12 OHS
    6 hang squat snatches

    Completed 4 rounds. Nearly killed me. My total time for the entire workout (run & rest included) was 43:something I think. Forgot to note it. Muscle snatches were challenging but ok. OHS’s ok…usually in 2 sets. Hang squat snatches were really tough, and I had lots of misses. Lots of exhausting misses. I stopped at 4 rounds because it was after 1pm, and I was DONE.

    • My time was 41:58.

      • Good work, Pat, and congrats on the PR!

  6. Growery
    Yeah, that was rough!
    1 mile in 7:14
    Used 55 lb for the complex
    Total time = 34:27
    HOWEVER, I made a mistake on round three and just did hang power cleans (no squat) – oooopps!

    • I mean hang power snatches…

  7. Growlery: ran 1 mile in 8:43 (decent for me I think but I don’t have solid mile times to compare to).
    Then 5 min. rest & 5 rounds of:
    8 muscle snatch (pvc)
    12 OHS (22#)
    6 snatch balance (22#)
    with 1 min. rest between rounds. Total time 28:26

  8. Did Fridays competition total. My snatch was a PR (147) but the c&j was awful (198). Felt real tired. My 10 min amrap yielded 6 rounds and 6 squat cleans for a 415 point total. Time for bed.

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