Saturday, October 2, 2010

HQ Rest Day

Wrestling dummies at the Olympic Training Center

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  1. Ok, that’s about the wildest picture you’ve ever posted. Dig it. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Hey folks!

    As you know, several of us have recently discovered Dinner A’Fare. Thanks Erica! It’s a studio kitchen that let’s you assemble your own meals, or you can order the meals for pick up or delivery. They have great paleo-ish options.

    As many of you also know, I am doing what I can to support Jax with “Lizzie.”

    Well, the Northlake Dinner A’Fare location has agreed to work with us over the next few months as we take on Lizzie. The owner is a fellow parent at my kids’ school and a fellow Crossfitter. To start, if you order from the Northlake location between now and October 14, they will donate $10-$20 per order to “Lizzie” (depends on which package you select). Just put LIZZIE in the Special Instructions Box when you place the order. They will deliver the orders to a central location (the gym?) on October 15. Or, if you choose to have your meals delivered to your home there is a $10 delivery charge per order. BUT their overall prices are cheaper than other Dinner A’Fare locations so even after paying delivery you’ll still save between $5 and $10. If you’re not home you can leave a cooler on the porch and they’ll leave it for you. You can also pick up the meals, or do-it-yourself at the Northlake kitchen.

    **Tell your friends and family too!**

    For whoever wants to order after that time frame, we can pick a once a month delivery date and they will deliver to our homes (for anyone who is not located reasonably close to the gym they will talk to you about individual arrangements). They offer incentives to regular customers including free meals once-a-month. And I am working with them to determine the best ways for them to support Lizzie going-forward.

    Last, what may be of importance to some is that this location is particularly responsive to specific dietary needs. Among other things they have an array of gluten free ingredients and they accommodate vegetarian diets.

    Are you in? LIZZIE 3…2…1…Go!

    • Sheryl, thank you for arranging this. I know it takes time to make things like this happen. I appreciate it, and I know Jax does too. I will definitely place another order for the October 15 gym delivery. As you know, I have ordered once from the Buckhead location. My only issue was the seasoning of some of the dinners I have tried thus far…a little salty for my paleo palate. Sounds like I can ask for less sodium, etc with this location and they will be responsive to my request. THANK YOU again!

      • Thanks Pat.

      • Yes, that’s really nice of you, Sheryl. I wish I could do this but it really doesn’t look vegetarian-friendly!

  3. Body, mind, and soul are telling me to rest today. I’m listening.

    • We missed you….take care!

  4. Was gonna do the rest day too, however my RAGE ball and my Ab Mat came in the mail today! Hopefully rings are next and I am good to go!

  5. Made up “Jack” from Wednesday
    20 min amrap
    10 push press (110), 10 KB (55), 10 box jumps (24)

    Rx: 7 rounds + 10 + 10 + 3
    Push press broken 5/3/2 most rounds

  6. Great team wod today!
    Christin and I teamed up to do the 800m run, shared the 100 squat cleans -35 lb kettlebell and the 65 lb overhead, 800m run. We had to do 30 burpees.

    • That was fun but the lockouts were brutal for me. High five, TPoole.

  7. 65# pp, 20 inch box
    7 rounds + 10 KB swings

  8. Enjoyed having Jessica as my teammate today! We used a 54lb barbell to hold overhead and a 25lb kettlebell for the 100 squat cleans we shared. She may have done more of those squat cleans than me! We had to do 40 burpees each. Running was definitely the part I liked best–2 800m runs. Our time was 24:22.

    • I will say this was kinda difficult. Squat cleans just burning the legs…

      • I agree!

  9. 10 sprints – 100m each…while tire dragging. Top 3 times:


    Quickly learned that sand accumulates in the center of the tire and the tire becomes heavier as you travel further.

    • Pictures of the tire drag on my facebook representing CFRX with the best T-shirt ever!

      • Looks brutal but fashionable! 🙂

    • that deal with the sand is totally like one of those Westside Barbell things (you know, the lifting with chains or resistance bands), where the resistance increases the further into the movement you go–Brilliant! you’re gonna be crazy strong after all that play in the sandbox!

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