Friday, October 1, 2010

Snatch, 1 rep
Clean and jerk, 1 rep
As many rounds and reps as possible in ten minutes of:
55kg Squat clean, 6 reps
12 Pull-ups
24 Double-unders

Add together the best snatch (in kg), the best clean and jerk (in kg), and the total reps performed in the triplet for your final score. Post score to comments.

Compare to 100804.

Sculpture at the Olympic Training Center

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  1. Palm still healing. Did alt WOD:

    100 ft lunge
    21 broad jumps (5 ft)
    21 deadlifts (132 lbs)
    100 ft lunge
    15 broad jumps (5 ft)
    15 deadlifts (132 lbs)
    100 ft lunge
    9 broad jumps (5 ft)
    9 deadlifts (132 lbs)


    See you all in a week and a half!

    • Have fun! If you go to Pamplona, stay out of the street!

    • Enjoy!

    • Have a great time MIke!

  2. Enjoyed the lifting session this AM
    Snatch: 80 lbs
    Clean and Jerk: 104, did get 109 for the squat clean portion which is a huge PR- I finally feel like my squat is getting stronger.

    2 rds + 6 pullups—learned I can’t do DU in my lifting shoes

    • Great, Shannon!

  3. Snatch: 103# (46.8kg)
    Clean & jerk: 137# (62.3 kg)
    Triplet(95#): 4 rounds + 6 squat cleans = 174 reps

    Improvement by 3# on snatch, 7# on C&J and 36 reps on triplet (although I did 98# last time)

    • Nice job!

  4. attention CFRx runners/joggers/folks who like free beer…

    • Dude, beer and running in the same sentence sounds nauseating. I hope the beer comes at least an hour after the running. Lol!

  5. Total this morning: 168. something

    Damon, what did you say about how this should compare to last time?

    • Last time I took your total points using pounds instead of the perscribed kilos. Today I did it right 😉

  6. 44# (junior bar + 5ks) for front squats. 75% of max would have been 56#, but 44 felt like plenty for my back today.

    5 rounds of bear crawling, broad jumping, and toes “toward” bar took me 11:21.

    For the first toes to bar in each round, I very nearly got there!

  7. Didn’t make it in today but I ran 3.2 miles this morning since it’s so nice out.

    • Slacker!

  8. Did Isabel today…I love the mechanics to the Snatch. 4:29 at 65#

    Followed it up with 25 tire flips- because some guy bet me that I couldn’t flip the tire nor jump the 32″ box…did that 10 times. Sucka.

    I’m going through a nervous phase I think…I’m afraid to put on weight without the comforts of L&D. =( Miss you guys!

    • Great job Cait!

    • 32″ x 10…niiiiice! go super girl

    • Love it! Way to show ’em, girl!

  9. I used 77 for the first two sets of 5 frontsquats but then did 82 for the rest.

    5 rounds of
    50′ bear crawl
    50′ broad jump (more like hops for me)
    10 toes to bar


    • what’s this we hear about getting muscle-ups??? details please 😉

  10. Just finished my WOD, that I’m calling “Screw Your Shoulders”.
    5 Rounds:
    6 Clean and Jerks (135#)
    6 Muscle Ups

    Did something similar a few years ago at CFATL:
    30 Muscle Ups
    Grace @ 120#

    Now, my best Grace is 3:58 and my best 30 MU is 11:17, so I was hoping for something sub 15 mins. Made it through the 5 rounds and felt great. Would have PR’d on both if I had done them individually, but the mash up was more fun!

    • Nice! Yay Paleo!

    • and you still looked crazy strong on the Mu’s at the end…we just gotta turn up the music next time & you’re golden!

  11. Growlery: I didn’t do one weight consistently on the front squats. I did: 42×5;44×5;54×5;49×5;49×5. With the 54lbs I had a hard time keeping a good lumbar curve which Michael was watching out for (thanks!).
    When I practiced toes-to-bar I got somewhat close to the bar, then sadly during the wod, not too close! The bear crawl felt surprising good. I guess my memory of bear crawl is back at boot camp at couple of years ago when I weighed nearly 20 lbs more. So, I’m happy with this.
    5 rounds of
    50’bear crawl, 50′ broad jump & 10 toes-toward-bar in 7:35.

  12. Did anyone mention that TPoole got through the MU transition TWICE today AFTER the WOD?

    • i saw that!! woo hoo, tpoole!!!

      • Wow Theresa…after the WOD? That’s amazing. We need a “bowdown” emoticon on this blog.

        Great work T!!

  13. had a really good day at the gym!

    88# snatch

    135# squat clean 130# jerk. pr on both by 10#s

    3 rounds + 3 squat cleans.

    • Damn impressive loads there, Jax! Yes, I’d say it was a GREAT day at the gym for you.

    • Awesome. You’re progress is really impressive!

    • Whoo! Strong, Jax!

    • No kidding!! That’s sick. Were you angry today or something?

      Nice work!!!!

    • Nice!!

      • thanks guys 🙂

  14. Snatch – 132 Failed on 137
    Clean & Jerk – 159
    Waaaay lower than my PR of 185 – was taking it easy on my sore hip/back from this week

    For the AMRAP, 3 rounds plus 5 pull ups = 269.3 Score

    The squat cleans actually felt better as I went out, but were not any easier…. just didn’t hurt as much (oddly enough).

    • yoda asked me to mention there is NO failing under a bar…just completion or no completion. and dude, you got under that bar. great work Scott! 🙂

  15. Growlery

    Front Squat, 5×5 at 75% of 1RM with 90 sec rest btwn sets.
    Used 115 for all sets (that’s 75% of my 1RM, 154# – which is pretty old. I have not done a 1 rep max on front squat in a long time.)

    5 Rounds
    50′ bear crawls
    50′ broad jump
    10 KTE


  16. At the moment I completely SUCK at combining kilos and pounds to describe a workout that could have been described as kilos OR pounds.

    So…WOD=95# for the squat cleans.

    The rest of the stuff on the board read like this: 40+54.5+138. So I guess I got 138 reps for the WOD using 95#.

    This one was fun. 🙂

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