Monday, September 27, 2010

Ten rounds for time of:
135 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
15 push-ups

Chris Spealler 6:45. Post time to comments.

Compare to 100310.

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  1. 20:43 RX (8 min PR) Pushups still the issue as DL were unbroken.

    • Wow. Nice job!

  2. When I came into the gym this morning, there were two used band-aids on the floor. Absolutely disgusting, and frankly, unhygenic. If you lose a band-aid while working out, PLEASE PICK IT UP. No one else wants to, or should have to, for that matter.

    • It wasn’t me, but I’ll stay out of your way this afternoon. 🙂

    • They were not mine, but I probably should have taken care of them. I guess I just missed them this morning as I was leaving. Whoops.

    • I am really sorry — think they were mine. I had them on when I was working out and they came off when I unwrapped my palm. I meant to throw them away. Forty lashes for me. : (

  3. Cool Picture. To get through today’s workout I need some advice. I have some missing skin from the pull-up ladder and I don’t want it to interfere with the dead lifts. Band-aids are useless…they don’t stick to the palm. Any thoughts?

    • Maybe someone at the gym can help you tape it, Dallas.

      • I think you’re right. Once I get the band-aid on I can tape the band-aid on. 🙂

    • Remember Mike’s rips? Well, he used the same wraps that can be made with tape that are found in the hand care link to the right. I think it worked pretty well for him to cover the painful areas.

      • Yeah, they worked great! Just put band-aids on underneath them (and remember to throw the band-aids away afterwards). <: )

  4. DLs at 87 lbs, knee pushups. Time: 18:49, I think? Thanks Mac!

  5. Bread, bread, bread. Pastry. Pasta. Bread. Gelato. Bread. Seriously, this is the Italian diet. Oh well. When in Rome….right? If this baby is a carboholic I’ll have this trip to blame.

    • Maybe you’ll have a little Italian baby!

    • You’re in heaven! Enjoy. Miss you!

    • Cool! Be sure to post some pics on FB!

    • Way to rub it in, Erica! Have a great time and congrats on your condition!

      • Wait, I thought you were considering a puppy?!

        PS. Congratulations! 🙂

    • Yum…

  6. Max back squat = 82.

    Tried for 85 but got scared and bailed out.

    In 4 minutes: 31 pull ups with red band
    In 3 minutes: 32 push ups with tiny band
    In 2 minutes: 12 hang squat cleans with #32
    In 1 minute: 15 push jerks with #32 (I’m pretty sure these were all presses.)

    Total = 172. Pull ups are improving.

  7. Growlery:

    10 minutes to find 1 rep max back squat:
    198, 208, 223(PR), 228(f)
    previous 1RM was 221 on 7/26/10

    4 min max pullups with blue band: 41 reps
    rest 60 sec
    3 min max pushups (games standard: 42 reps
    rest 60 sec
    2 min hang squat clean, 76#: 15 reps
    rest 60 sec
    1 min push jerk, 76#: 15 reps


    • Nice work Pat!!

  8. Max Backsquat 121 – I think that’s a PR for me

    4 min, max pullups – 47 (pathetic! I did the pullup ladder yesterday and did 59 pullups in the last 4 minutes and that was after doing over 100 in the previous 15 minutes….)

    3 min, max pushups – 57

    2 min, max rep squat cleans – 10

    1 min, max rep push jerks – 9

    I really liked this one today!

    • I can’t believe you were able to do that many pull-ups after the ladder yesterday. My left shoulder was fried this morning…not to mention the hands.

      Pretty amazing.

      • Haha, I mostly gripped with my fingers instead of my hands…thus the low number…oh well!

  9. Shucks. I thought I was doing the WOD but I must have read it wrong and I was nervous for heavy weight.

    10 rds for time:
    95lb DL – 15 reps
    pushups – 10 reps


    • YAY!

  10. 18:03 rx’ed.

    Worked with mike. My pushups slowed down very quickly. The deadlifts were fine, but slowed as my wind left me. My ability to keep moving is still improving, but still needs work. Also, my shoulders, biceps and lats are not happy with me after that pullup ladder.

    • know what you mean about those pushups slowing down…i kept stopping at the bottom wondering why i was stopping to wonder so much, then realized my arms were just toast 🙂 really wanted sub-10 on this but alas was not to be today (confirmed: pushups still a goat 10:41 rx)

  11. 26:02

    110 lb. deadlifts

  12. Growlery at 5pm, the personal coach hour! Laura helped me PR on my back squat: 108# (a 9# PR).
    Then, w/1 min. rest between reps:
    4 min. row for calories: LD wrote 58, but I think 35
    3 min. push ups: 58
    2 min. 15″ box hops: 38
    1 min. 44# push jerk: 12
    score 251

  13. Started well, ended slow…
    As Rx 18:48 PR

  14. Thanks, Mac, for working out with me this morning!

    Deadlifts at 110 lbs.

    • Mike, you’re crazy. Your hands had to be on fire, even with the band-aids that you left on the floor. 🙂

      When I put mine on today I quickly wrapped my hands with tape before Laura could see my band-aids.

      • 🙂 Dallas, so glad you’re on the blog…and at the gym too.

  15. Well today just put a spanking on me, not to mention I can’t help but think I may have done one round too many…completely lost count somewhere between 6 and 8 rounds. Seems silly when you only have to keep track of two things. Lol!!
    Great punishing workout either way but the time needs to get a lot better. (22:32)

    Chris, you kicked butt two days in a row. Nice work!!

  16. It’s SO easy to lose track! You’re doing great, Dallas.

  17. Made up a day late
    Rx: 17:19

    Rounds 1-2: DL/PU unbroken
    Rounds 3-7: DL 10/5, PU 10/5
    Rounds 8-9: DL 10/5, PU 10/3/2
    Round 10: DL 10/5, PU 8/3/2/2

  18. Made this up Tuesday, on very little sleep and full stomach (read, bitching the entire time).

    16:30 Rx. Certainly felt like I was resting a lot (probably because Michael was constantly telling me to stop resting). Pushups wore out quickly, and I believe I was a circus sideshow or something because I was bouncing off my chest pretty hard (or stomach if you ask Laura).

    • …and yet when you were moving, you were moving strong, fast, & with ROM well within the 80% allowance 😉 good work today S!

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