Friday, September 24, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Made up Wednesday’s chipper WOD. I piddled my way through it so it wasn’t bad. But in the end I had no desire to struggle with my poor-form rope climbs so I switched to rope pulls after 1 rope climb. I declared this my “pre-Italy I don’t care f__k it wod” 🙂 It was exactly what I needed.


    • WTF ever! Yall aren’t leaving for another week…you better get it together, LOL!

      • She leaves tomorrow.

        • Yes, tomorrow it is! We are spending a week in italy before we meet Mike in Madrid. See you soon, Mike!

          • Cool! Do we get handstand pic against the leaning tower, duomo, Michaelangrlo’s David??

          • What!!?? You’re taking another member with you? This is getting out of hand.
            This is not acceptable!

            Have fun, but take some worthy crossfit pics while you’re there…Lateefah and I have a couple from our Hawaii trip that we haven’t posted yet. 🙂

  2. Made up the chipper today as well. The variety was fun, although it was hard to push through all the transitions.

    Rx: 22:45

  3. Man…you guys are in such good shape!! I couldn’t imagine putting up those times for that WOD. I was flying through the first 5 and started slowing down as quick as I flew through the start of it.

    Nice work!!

    • Dallas, I think you better start imagining posting times like ours, because the way you’re moving, it’s not going to take you very long to pass me right up. Good for you!

      • Thanks for the words of encouragement, but it was everything I had to get within 6min of your “piddling”. Lol!!

  4. Noon Growlery was fun fun fun fun fun! I did 4 rounds of the 3/3 C2B pull ups (green) / ring dips (old red). Ran twice; rowed once. Loved this one.

    • I think you rowed twice also.

      • Oh that’s right! 🙂

  5. Growlery

    20 Min AMRAP
    3 CTB Pullups (black)
    3 dips (red)
    Run 400
    3 CTB Pullups
    3 dips
    Row 500

    Score was 2 complete rounds or 12 “muscleups”.

  6. Had no intentions of working out til this evening. However, the ladies of the Noon Growlery coaxed, conned, coerced, then convinced me to join the WOD.

    20 Min AMRAP
    3 Muscle Ups
    500m Row
    3 Muscle Ups
    400m Run
    *Got 18 total MUs, all unbroken with turnout….until the last rep, when my sweaty ass slipped through the rings and almost ruined my year!
    Not a bad WOD, but after the rope climbs, pull ups, shoulder presses and muscle ups my elbows are FRIED!
    Thanks Ladies!

    • We also cajoled you.

      Good job!

    • I could be wrong, but I don’t think your sweaty ass could fit through one of those rings …

      • Ha ha!!

  7. Made up the shoulder press today. I think my wrist is getting stronger…so crossfit became my physical therapy that I never did when I was supposed to. 🙂

    I maxed 120# and went back to 110# on the last round to make sure I got my 3 reps.

    I’m very pleased with the results. 🙂

  8. Made a WOD with what I had today – 40, 30, 20, 10 Pull-ups, 50m sprint (to get back inside the gym), Box jumps, KB swing, 50msprint (to get back outside)

    **Sweaty pullups outside in a sand storm, makes for a funny WOD.

    • That’s good, Cait. We miss you. It’s good to hear from you. Keep posting.

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