Sunday, September 12, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Stopped by for some skills practice this morning. Worked on pistols for a bit. Ok with my right leg, but fairly hopeless with my left leg.

    10 muscle-ups for time: 7:43
    (took plenty of rest between attempts but was happy to not miss any of the ten)

    • how? I can barely move my arms or walk today…

  2. ah, Sunday morning play time! figured “Helton” would be a good warm-up for kickball and yup, i’m plenty warm now. ran slow as snot but managed to finish rx in less than 40 mintues 🙂 now to go kick some balls @ Piedmont park!

    • Do you ever stay still?! I need some of your energy!

      • thanks S…unless something changed since last i saw you in a WOD, you’ve got a terrific supply of energy yourself 🙂 …I’m just trying to keep up!

        and have you ever noticed how ironic exercise is?? i get so tired when i just sit around, but when i use energy, i get more energy. wonder what einstein would say..?

        oh, and we WON our first kickball game!! but the other team didn’t show, so it was by default. we’re told they had some “bad chicken”…well, chicken was involved somehow i’m sure :0

        …Anyone up for a Crossfit RX Kickball Team next season?

        • Nice!

          • Ooops, sorry double comment…I have not played kickball since middle school – lol!

        • Rx kickball team sounds fun! Is it just like we used to play in school?

          • Yup…but with a different kind of happy hour afterwards! 🙂

  3. With the weather getting cooler, I am getting the itch to run more…decided to do a nice and easy 3 miler…it was neither nice nor easy because of the frontsquats yesterday – haha!

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