Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Made up yday’s WOD…

    Five rounds:
    Row 250 meters
    76# Front squat, 10 reps
    15 GHD Sit-ups
    20 Box jumps, 20″ box


  2. Noon Growlery:

    Doc says no deadlifts, so I worked on box back squats instead, 5 x 3:
    44, 54, 54, 59, 59

    In FGB, subbed 22# hang cleans for the SDHPs, did 22# PP, stepped on 20″ box, used an 8# ball

    HPC 22#: 22, 22, 22 (Hey!)
    Box: 11, 12, 13
    PP 22#: 21, 17, 19
    Row: 8, 9, 9
    WB: 14, 11, 10
    TOTAL: 220

    Doesn’t really compare to my last FGB in July (44# SDHP + PP, 12# ball, 15′ box jump), but it’s nearly 50 points higher. So HA!! 🙂 Even with the light ball, though, my wall balls were PITIFUL.

    • HA! 😀

  3. Growlery:

    Sumo Deadlift 5×3, suppose to be at 85% of 1RM deadlift, but I went lighter because I’m not comfortable with this lift yet. I feel it in my left knee (that’s the old, arthritic one) and my right hip and down the side of right leg (whatever that is called). So I’m just going to build up gradually on this lift and not push it.
    175#x5x3 with 60 seconds rest btwn sets.

    (Rx except for Step-Ups. Counted step-ups 2 for 1).
    (Started with Push Press)

    WB: 15,12,11
    SDHP: 15,15,13
    BJ: 8,8,7 (subbed step-ups. 2 steps=1)
    PP: 40,25,25
    Row: 10,10,8
    Total: 222 (PR, +5 over 7/13/10 FGB)


    • Wow 40 pp in round 1!

    • I started with the push press…my strongest move, and it was round 1. So what I learned today is that I should probably always start there. Ya think?

      • Yes siree, you should always start there…and I hope the leg thing is not sciatica, I have had that and it SUCKS!

  4. Still searching for my ‘Mojo’…

    4 Rounds:
    10 Hang Power Cleans*
    100’ Overhead Barbell Walk*
    20 Squats
    15 Hip Extensions
    15 GHD Sit Ups

    (*Used 110#, 132#, 154#, then 176#)
    Was supposed to do a round at 198#, but ran out of time.

  5. Just me and Reggie at 5pm Growlery. He did Fight Gone Bad! while I did something Laura made up for me that involved no upper body.
    First I did box squats to 13″ target. 5x3s: 55-65 80-80-80.
    Then, 5 rounds (w/2 min. rest between):
    10 box hop (short black box)
    10 GHD sit ups
    10 split squats
    200m run
    Times were 2:23, 2:14, 2:23, 2:15, 2:14. I liked it.

  6. I have to say that I’m really impressed with everyone I’ve met at crossfit! I joined crossfit only a month ago and I’m already seeing and feeling amazing results. This is the only program I’ve found in 17 years that has helped me with my smoking habit. I’ve comfortably gone from a pack a day to a pack every 3 days, which is an amazing feat for me!!
    While I still struggle with the workouts (often modified)I am in awe of everyone’s intensity and physical abilities to dominate where I suffer, but very excited that I am on the path to finally becoming an athlete again.

    All I can say is Many Thanks for the new habit with hopes of kicking an old one!

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing Dude, I love it! Keep up the work and there is no limit to the progress you’ll see….Glad to have you!

    • Welcome Dallas!

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