Saturday, September 4, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Hi CFRX! I’m here, it’s hot. Just checking in. I haven’t made it to the CF gym yet- apparently it’s in Zone 1 and I am in Zone 6 so I have to take a bus to get there. But I will get to it. The gym closest to me has been working for my running..I ran a 16:01 2-mile today. I need to get under 15:30 to be back to my normal Army 2 mile. So, I am working on it.

    *Oh and the Kuwaiti man who works at the gym told me that my spandex are too revealing and I cannot wear them anymore. =) There goes my CF wardrobe.

    • Good to hear from you CaitMakers.

    • Yes, good to hear from you. You would have enjoyed our team wod this morning. Good luck with your modest workout wear!

      • So jealous of the Team WOD idea! What a great motivation!!

    • Ha ha! That’s funny!

  2. Did the Growlery Team WOD today
    800m run with 10k plate
    150 team burpees (did 50)
    8 min to 1RM deadlift

    DL: 296# during the 8 minutes and 301# immediately afterward. PR by 26#.

    • Thanks for carrying the plate and doing extra burpeeps. And for the strongest deadlift on our team. You rocked today.

  3. Saturday fun! My teammates and I ran 800m carrying one 10k plate in less than 5 minutes. Well almost all Aaron for the carrying part, although I was glad I could take a brief turn. I contributed 50 burpees to our 150 total burpees and max deadlift of 153. If I had had my glasses on, I would have tried more weight. Terri did some great rowing and Pat and Aaron did awesome PR deadlifts!! Way to go Team No Excuses!

    • Thanks for doing extra burpees and carrying the plate. This was fun! Let’s do it again next Saturday.

  4. So, I had to laugh this morning….at the DragonCon parade, there was a group of martial arts dudes, and one of them did a forward roll into a ninja position – hahaha!!

    • Ha! You should have rolled toward him. It would have been quite a surprise!

  5. I had a great time this morning on the “No Excuses” team with Aaron, Joy, and Terri. As already described, we had to run 800 meters as a team, carrying a 10kg plate. Aaron did most of the carrying with a very respectable contribution from the tiny one, Joy. Then we had to do 150 burpees. Joy and Aaron each did 50, and Terri and I each contributed 25 for a total of 150.

    Then we had exactly 8 minutes for everyone to establish a 1RM on deadlift. I loved this fast paced lifting without too much thinking or resting. My lifts were something like this:
    132×1, 176×1, 220×1, 242×1, 267X1 PR! (in Nike Frees).
    Then immediately after the workout, I attempted 270 and made it! PR prior to today was 265.

    • Nice Pat and the rest of the team No Excusers!

      Kids and I did 1/2 Cindy in the park. I didn’t push and didn’t count rounds; just glad to be moving.

      • Good for you, Sheryl. Sounds like you had some fun, too.

  6. This sounds like it was really fun — now I’m sorry I chose to take a rest day!

    • It was REALLY FUN. My lower back is tweaky, so I did a row for calories instead of the deadlifts. (That’s not an excuse! No excuses!) The running was tolerable for a change – Maybe because we were all running in a little pack. Burpees weren’t nearly as bad as usual. I don’t think I’ve ever done 25 without standing around resting.

      I love team workouts.

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