Friday, September 3, 2010


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press: body weight
Clean: 3/4 body weight

Set up three bars and storm through for time.

Chris Spealler 11:33 (210/140/105lbs), Rob Orlando 9:24 (277/185/138lbs, power clean), Mike McKenna 11:03 (255/170/127lbs, power clean), Graham Holmberg 17:37 (280/185/140 lbs), Kristan Clever 18:34 (205/135/103lbs),Elyse Umeda 19:20 (95/125/185 lbs), Valerie MacKenzie Voboril 20:10 (205/135/105lbs), Rebecca Voigt 45:54 (225/150/115lbs), Miranda Oldroyd 54:34 (215/140/115lbs). Post time to comments.

Compare to 100218.

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  1. Terri refuses to believe this is a picture of her.

    • It looks a lot like me, but it looks like a STRONG person. So I’m confused!

      • p.s. Who is it?

        • Silly goose! It’s you! :mrgreen:

          • Then I look like a really STRONG person! Sweet!!

      • You. Are. Strong.

  2. I keep telling her she is getting muscles, but dos she LISTEN to me? Noooooo.

  3. Awesome picture, Terri! All that meat and hard work is paying off.

    • MEAT!!!! I love meat.

  4. Love the picture of Terri and how fast it became her profile pic! 🙂

    I am hoping to do a Growlery workout in the morning and wondering if that could happen at 5:30 or 6:30?

    • If we can get everyone present to agree, I am always open to coach a Growlery session in lieu of HQ.

      • I am happy to go with the flow. A workout is a workout is what I need.

  5. That is one cool picture! Of a VERY strong person. (Kind of artsy, too.)

    • Yep, I agree…great pic!

      Will be in at some time tomorrow….need to get my brakes fixed…kids off school (ugg!) so we’ll see!

      • Actually, I would love to try Linda 😉 I actually might be able to do it RX….bench press would be the only possible problem…I just don’t do bp often enough to know…

  6. Damn, Terri! Where’d you get those arms?!! Looking STRONG!

    Did the Growlery WOD this morning:
    Close-grip Floor Press: 110 – 132 – 137 – 142 – 147
    1/2 Cindy: 13 rounds + 5 pullups + 2 pushups

    • You ROCKED this morning, Mike!

      • Thanks, Erica! Cindy’s my girl and I love her for it.


          I did 5 rounds + 5 + 10 with red/tiny for pull ups, old red assisted push ups

          60# 5×5 close grip floor press

          My back is MUCH better than I thought!

        • We talked about you during the noon Growlery today and how you got so many rounds. Unbelievable.

        • Man! That is freakin’ AWESOME!

  7. Linda
    DL: 186#, BP: 120#, PC: 110#

    All BP unbroken, took a few short breaks on DL and PC but never took my hands off the bar

    Third time doing Linda with these weights. Nearly 8 minutes faster than Feb 2010 and 20 minutes faster than Aug 2009 (although I did squat cleans back in Aug 2009)

    • Nice work, Aaron!

  8. I enjoyed our group growlery session this morning immensely!

    Close grip floor press: 88-93-88-DNF This was a real problem for my shoulder so I didn’t continue.

    1/2 Cindy

    10 rounds + 5 pullups

    Not a great showing for me, maybe because this is day 6 in a row. I just love the gym so much I can’t help it!

    • It’s great having you back — I miss you when you’re away. And, jeez, ten rounds+! That’s a good showing! Lighten up on your bad self!

  9. Oh, and Terri, you’re lookin hot in that picture!

    • Yes, indeedy! : )

  10. Great picture Terri!

  11. I got my workout in and I do like starting my day that way. 🙂 Enjoyed sharing the bar with Sarah and seeing up close her determination to get that bar up on the floor press! Practicing shoulder rolls was fun.
    For the floor press I think I did
    5 x 55#_ 5 x 65#_ 5 x 70#_ 2 x 75#_ 2 x 72#
    For my mutant Cindy I did
    5 Situps (instead of Pull ups– not comparable)
    10 Push ups
    15 Squats
    I tried to have good form. Did 6 full rounds plus everything but 4 squats to complete 7th.

    Oh, and Sarah loves Linda so we appreciate her willingness to stand up Linda for another workout. Coaches, please let her do Linda sometime soon.

  12. Growlery

    Floor press 5×5 with ~60 sec rest btwn sets
    88×5, 98×5, 110×5, 115×3, 110×5

    1/2 Cindy with Blue Band and all pushups in plank.
    5 rounds + 5 pull + 10 push + 1 squat

    My previous best full Cindy was 13.5 rounds, but I did most of the pushups modified AND I used more band so I can’t compare really.

    Today was my first time stepping down to the blue band. I have been using red+tiny in workouts for a while now. The next step down is blue by itself and that’s what I did today. I was able to get 5 unbroken on most of the rounds…just a couple of weeks ago, I had to use blue+tiny to get 5 unbroken. Pullups are definitely improving.

    • YAY! Sorry I couldn’t see it but I was too busy 😉

  13. Noon Growlery

    Practiced my ninja rolls – haha!

    Floor press: 88 X 3 75X5, 80 X 5, 88 X 3 80 X 4
    I enjoyed this and working in the Martha, Terri and Sara(h?) and Pat

    Then, 1/2 Cindy
    12 rounds even
    pullups and squats unbroken, pushups, not so much….

    • Wow.

  14. 55# bench press
    132# DL
    66# clean


  15. Growlery…

    Floor press: 87×5, 99×5, 104×4, 100×5, 103×5
    1/2 Cindy: 13 rounds

    I’m off to the beach – see y’all in a week!

    • Very impressive on the lift AND 1/2 Cindy.

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