Monday, August 30, 2010

With a 45 pound barbell, 21-15- and 9 reps for time of:
Turkish Get-ups, alternating arms
Sotts press

Kristan Clever 16:03, Katie Hogan 23:02, Rebecca Voigt 25:26. Post time to comments.

Sotts Press image courtesy of

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  1. Interesting workout. I liked it.

    I used the 33# barbell for the first 16 turkish get-ups. My right arm could have continued but my left was failing, so I switched to a 22# barbell. That is lighter than what I have done in the past with a db (30#), but it is very different with a barbell.

    TGUs 33# barbell for 16, then 22# for remainder
    Sotts press 33# for 15, then 22# for remainder, unbroken

    • Impressive to watch you doing the TGUs with the barbell, Erica!

  2. …for those who dig mobility-wods like the HQ one today, be sure to check out Kelly Starrett’s blog: 🙂

    see you all at the Power hour tomorrow!

  3. Did some strength work:
    push press 1-1-1-1-1

    back squat @205 for max reps two attempts
    round 1. 11
    round 2. 11

    pretty consistant 🙂

    • Strong!

  4. Growlery
    5 X 3 sets of Jerk balance at 55 lbs…need to explode more.

    5 rounds
    10 pullups
    75 ft. overhead walking lunge 10K plate
    all pullups unbroken, lunges just kept getting harder and harder…

  5. Growlery

    Jerk Balance 5×3 at 65#. I don’t have the hang of this yet. I kept wanting to move the back leg. I need to drop lower and extend the front leg further while keeping the back leg stationary. Felt weird. Need more practice.

    5 rounds:
    10 pullups, red+tiny
    75′ walking lunge with 5k plate overhead
    I forgot to note my time…that’s not like me. I think it was in the neighborhood of 14minutes.

    Double-under practice: I’m trying to catch up to Terri. I got 4 consecutive du’s today with no single in between. Previous best was 3 straight. Need more practice to be as good as Terri….we gave up on the trash-talking and decided to form our own mutual admiration society. 🙂

  6. hmmm, i am officially de-friending Sotts Press…and my shoulders (that are only barely hanging on right now) just deleted Sotts Press from my address book and blocked it’s number…but on the bright side, i finally felt comfortable enough with the Turks to get up AND down…16:52

  7. Growlery
    Jerk Balance- 55#
    Roar- 13:26

  8. 15# TGUs
    22# Sotts Press


  9. Growlery

    42# split jerk balance. My form was pretty good!

    Did 3 rounds of the metcon in 11:24. Red band. First round 5k plate; second and third rounds 5# training plate.

    Something went wrong with my back today. Went to Sadri’s office and then, tonight, got a massage. Still in pain, but it’s better.

  10. Used 25# DB for TGUs (and downs)
    33# BB for Sotts press

  11. 16:??

    20lb. DB for TGU
    pvc for sotts press

  12. I worked on some squats and snatches today.
    12 reps of snatches on the minute at 28kg

    3×5 back squats at 49kg

    Used a belt for the first time ever during the back squats. Main benefit seemed to be that because the belt was so tight, you can really feel that you are taking a breath and keeping core tight. Still need to work on keeping chest high and back tight on the low bar back squat.

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