Monday, August 23, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. 406 steps. That’s 40 more steps than last time, just FYI. Think this route must be a little longer. Or maybe I’m shrinking.

    Damon, I forgot to write down my time. If you get a chance would you look at the board and post it here before erasing? Thanks!

    • I’ll get it when I get back in Mike…it was 13:32 I believe? Not much going on this AM, so I’m actually pretty sure.

      • Great — thanks, Damon.

  2. Growlery today:

    Squat clean = 53# x 5 x 2

    Fran is not my friend. 15:58, 43# thrusters, red band

    Note: It does not suck less to go slowly. In fact, it sucks more. Next time GO FASTER.

  3. Growlery

    Squat Clean, 100#, 5×2 with 75 seconds betwn sets. My 1RM is 126 on 8/2. 100# is 80% of 126.

    red+tiny for pullups

    1/9/10 – 7:13 with blue+tiny
    5/25/10 – 7:54 with black

    • 21 Thrusters unbroken is damn impressive Patti; gr8 job with that!

      • Thanks, D. I got the 21 unbroken, and the 9 unbroken. Next time maybe I’ll get the 15 unbroken. And improve on my pullups. And weigh less.

        • YOU WILL! Next time I’m going to cut my time down A LOT! And not cry like a big baby.

  4. Managed to make up the last WOD of this cycle at noon today.

    Ring rows, red band on dips (first time using red for a workout with a lot of dips)

    25 ish

    My quads are shot!

    Great work on Fran to the Growlery crew.

    • Glad you got it in, but it wasn’t the same without you being at our moonlight session…back tomorrow?

      • Probably not back at 5:30 until Thursday as I am off tomorrow as well (planning on 7:30). There just something about getting up with the moonlight on a day off:-)

  5. So, what is the deal with crossfit gyms being located right next to or in close proximity to cookie factories or pie factories?!

    You know that lovely cookie or brownie smell you get a whiff of as you are painfully huffing and puffing, running outside or doing wods outside…well that same smell is here in Seattle close to my new gym too!! I think it’s a pretty sick joke man. Really not cool. hehe.

    • Weird!!

  6. Growlery
    Squat cleans- 70#
    Fran- 10:something, 50#
    Fran on 1/9/10- 12:02, 43# thrusters & red+tiny bands

    • Nice! That’s a pretty significant PR, what with more weight, rx pullups, AND two minutes off your time!

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