Saturday, August 21, 2010

30-25-20-15 and 10 rep rounds of:
Box jumps, 24 inch box
Toes to bar

Kristan Clever 14:49 (24″ box), Graham Holmberg 15:20, Kim Malz 17:48 (24″ box), Elyse Umeda 20:59 (24″ box). Post time to comments.

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  1. Shoot. I have a work thing tomorrow (Saturday) morning and might miss the vital parts of the Garage Games! I think all our folks are competing in the advanced heats in the morning, right? Scott, Erica & Therese. Anyone else? Anyone in later heats in the afternoon? I didn’t see anyone. Here’s the schedule:

    • the latest is Aaron at 12:45.

  2. Aaron’s later. Is Scott still doing it?

    • Oh yeah, Aaron! I’ll come cheer Aaron!

    • Unfortunately, Scott won’t be making it. He has some other responsibilities that have come up that take priority. So, Erica will be up first then Poole, and then Aaron….should be fun!

      • actually Therese and i are in the same heat. I am totally out of sorts after a total disaster of a day yesterday. i need to get my head on straight!!!

  3. Good luck at the Garage Games, gym friends! It’s so cool you’re competing!! Always remember and never forget: WE ARE THE BEST GYM. xo

  4. Good luck folks!! And on a complete side note…I had my first crossfit dream last night and it was AWESOME!!!! I was killin b#$@@@%’s with my crossfit! it was crazy

  5. 19:57
    5 rds (250 m row, 10 alternating single leg step ups (24 in), 10 jumping squats, 30 s plank hold)

    • 5 rounds of anything is tough! nice work S & lemme know if you want ride sometime 🙂

  6. Good luck all Garage Gamers!!!

    Was a quiet Saturday at RX…Great to see Meeks rocking the slightly-modified HQ (30.20.10) & Sarah H. Crushing all 5 rounds of her shoulder-friendly work! And I must say I dig having the parallel programming Growling along with HQ…a couple teams doing the rowing/burpees (row-pees) were inspiring–convinced me to jump in with LD & Kelly for some crazy 4 min AMRAP + weightlifting. fun fun!

    oh, before all the fun started, during a losing-battle with flight-simulator, I PR’d on double-unders: 89 🙂 yay double-unders

    • Row-pees!! Congrats on 89 double unders. Amazing!!!

  7. Ruth and I did the Growlery team workout: 2 rounds of 500 meter row and 30 burpees. 15:30

    I’ve gotten better at burpees! I took fewer rests, and it hurt much less than it used to. Yay!

  8. Alright! The GG “Surviaval Of The Fittest” competition is finally in the books. It was hot, sticky and a damn mess…but lots of fun. The workout ended up being over an hour and a half. The orginization left a bit to be desired and the WOD itself wasn’t the greatest, but our peeps did very well. No official results, but all of our folks (Poole, Aaron, and Erica) all finished in the top 3 of at least one portion of the total buffet of a WOD. I believe that the winners were the usual suspects (Ken G./Leah P.) from CFATL. Other local stars like Shana A, B.Phillips, and Mariah P. also represented well. I’m very proud of Erica and Aaron for following through in their first individual competitions, and T.Poole for coming back from her bell bug to complete all sections of the Rx women’s comp….very good day for CFRx 🙂

    • Lots of run. Our folks definitely represented well!

    • greatwork you RX’ers!!! can’t wait to hear what happened!:-)

    • You all are awesome! Congrats. I wish I would/could have been there… but next time. You all know how much I love (and hate) these events!

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