Thursday, August 19, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Thank you to Damon for the strength work. It has been awesome!! My wods seem more focused and I’m really getting a lot out of each morning.


    Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
    198/220/225/230/235/240f (made the bar over my head)

    My previous PR was 215. This was a 20lb PR!!

    OHS 3-3-3-3
    154/176×2/176×1/176×3 (rep 3 was a little suspect)/176 (excellet execution on final set)


    12 rounds even

    the kettle bell swings were the most difficult. all muscle ups unbroken, pretty consistent with HSPU

    • Nice Zeke! I miss you so it’s good to catch up with your progress on the blog.

    • W-O-W…amazing work Z!! (esp. that 235 sj)

  2. Pat, lookin’ strong!

  3. Did random misc. crossfit treats today…skill gone bad amongst them, 380. But the good news was the 200# OHS that I got! PR by 14 lbs, I think I had a good 10-20lbs left if I could figure out how to get it overhead

    • dude, i have that same issue: could probably OHS more but have yet to get it overhead…which is kind of a pre-req 😉 But Great OHS Kelly! sheesh, if i’d read the blog before heading over to RX, I’d have know today is the day to put up a weight-lifting PR somehow, but instead I just played with shoulder rolls and hung out with my good buddy Nate: 12 +2 +2 …although my last HSPU was .5a$$ and I let a good 15 seconds go without any work except crawling towards my towel at the end :-\
      still, fun fun Thursday

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