Tuesday, August 17, 2010

15 rounds for distance of:
Sprint 20 seconds
Rest 40 seconds
Start each round at previous round’s end point.

Post distance to comments.

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  1. My longest med ball toss was 61 with a total score of 271.

    wallball (even w10lb ball it was a bitch):
    Pullups (green band):
    all unbroken! Yay!

    Fun playing with the fire breather girls Therese and Trish tonight!

    • oops, I meant to post this on monday’s page…

    • haha-“fire breathin girls”…I like it!

  2. 7.5 rounds of 240 yds = 1800 yds

  3. Worked on some weaknesses for the garage games this Saturday.
    20 min amrap
    5 HSPU (to two abmats)
    10 burpees
    2 rope climbs

    4 rounds even
    Spent by far the most time on HSPUs. The first round was strict and fast. The other rounds were slow.

    • Oh good, does that mean the rope is up? I was just gonna ask if it could be put up for practice!

      • It was up when I left at 8:30. I don’t really expect to get to the part of the WOD with the rope climbs, but I figured it was worth trying just in case.

        • Haha, same here, an ice cube’s chance in hell that I’ll make it that far.
          I tried a few then turned my ankle slightly landing on the rope at the bottom so I quit. But I’ll try a few more on Friday.

  4. Hey, Zeke, you shoulda been there at 5:30– it actually *was* a crowd! I sprinted approximately 5.75 rounds, so if a round was 240 yards, approximately 1380 yards. I didn’t feel very fast. I felt ill, though, so I think I was giving it all I could at the time.

  5. I love the Growlery. I want to marry it and have its babies.

    Practiced squat snatch form with junior bar, except one set at 25#, for a total of 565. [I added this wrong at the gym and got 525.)

    Practiced the grip and movement on muscle ups for the first time ever!

    For the 1/2 flight simulator, did 5, 10, and 15. Then got stuck. Made another 15, but couldn’t get past it. Thought it was going to be easy. HA!

    • Hmmmm, Terri, you’re sounding committed. Hope the Growlery (experiment, eh?) isn’t just toying with you. 🙂

      • You did better than me! I couldn’t even do the flight simulator. Had to do the 150 DU’s in 15 minutes alternative.

  6. Growlery:

    Squat Snatch 5×5 with 60 sec rest btwn sets:
    45×5,50×5,55×5,60×5,65×3 = 1245
    I love this style of lifting with just a short rest between sets.

    Muscle-up practice for 10 minutes.

    Rather than attempt the “1/2 Flight Simulator”, I did 150 du’s for time with focus on unbroken sets of 5 or more. (These are double-unders with a single in between). I got the first 5 UB, then 10 UB, then 11 UB. After that I got a few sets of 10 UB if I rested 30 seconds or more before going again. Total time: 14:56

    Need more practice with Michael to delete that unnecessary single jump.

  7. I also love the growlery, but I am done having children, so just dating is fine with me – haha!

    5 X 5 squat snatch – I used 38 lbs for all but after watching Pat struggle, I think I should have tried a little more weight. Oh well.

    MU practice on the transition…I think I need to practice the huge kip and get my triceps stronger.

    Did the 1/2 “flight simulator”
    DU 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50

    I got to 35 all unbroken (PR) in about 6:10 but then stalled….got 29, 30, 26, 29 but my forearms were too fatigued to get more….ugggg!

  8. 6 rounds – 1,440 total

  9. I am also in love with the Growlery. In fact, I was love sick last week while away. So happy to be back!

    Squat Snatch total= 929, 48# x 3 was my highest set

    Muscle Ups- close to getting one, need more strength

    Double Unders- 149 in 15 mintues, getting better, first time getting 10 in a row with a single between each. yeah!

  10. 3×5 press at 26kg
    3 rounds of: 500 m row, 12 DL at 50kg, 20 box jumps at 20″

    Trying to work more on keeping chest tight on DL…they really harp on me about keeping my back tight. Dang coaches always yellin at me 😉

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