Sunday, August 15, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. Annie
    6:38 PR

    Great to see LaMar again!

    • How how how did you do Annie in 6:38? THAT IS SO FAST. Mine was 13:20. My goal for next time is 10 minutes. I’ll still be 3.5 minutes over your current PR. (And you’ll probably do it in 2 minutes next time!)

      I intend to study you to determine your secrets …

      • Haha, DU were close to unbroken…situps as always were unbroken…I need to cut about 30 sec off my time….next time.
        BUT, anyone doing this RX, I applaud! As of last year, I could not have done it!
        I love crossfit RX!

  2. Hey LaMar. Sorry to miss u today. If ur still around tomorrow at 5:30am a CROWD wods at that time. It’d be gr8 to have u join us.

    • 😉 forgot this emoticon after mentioning the ‘crowd’.

  3. Made up yesterday’s Growlery WOD.

    3 rounds:
    2 minutes of squat clean thrusters, 65#
    rest 1 minute
    2 minutes of Burbee/KTE on rings
    rest 1 minute

    Squat Clean Thrusters: 16+13+13=42
    Burbee/KTE: 11+10+10=31
    Total: 73

    • …and then she rocked out several consecutive double-unders btw
      🙂 go Pat!

      • I had a great time watching all of you (Pat, Michealsaurus and LaMar) do this one!) I know how hard it was – GREAT JOB evreyone!

        • “everyone” gak!

      • Michael, thanks for your help. Approaching it a different way was helpful in getting rid of that pesky single jump between my doubles. I’ll continue to practice and let you know how it goes. thank you!

  4. soooo… was gonna make-up some boring weighted-pullups this a.m. BUT ended up doing that excellent team-wod with Pat and LaMar…which was waaaay more fun …thanks for persuading me LD =) only managed 91 (squat-thrust/t2r burpees: 17/18-13/15-13/15) but didn’t barf, which was the primary objective so soon after breakfast 😉 no, seriously.

    then followed LaMar for some weighted sled-runs in the alley–all in all, a SUPER Sunday! gonna have to get outta bed early more often

  5. Fun today at the gym! Made up yesterday’s “Nikki.” CTB pullups: 52. 7 rounds.

    • At first I saw 52.7 rounds and though – DAMN…but still great with 7 rounds!

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