Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Dave Lipson 165lbs (BW 215lbs). Post loads and body weight to comments.

Compare toΒ 100314.

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  1. Now this one is more my speed.

  2. Did my eyes deceive me? Or did I read the LaMar, is back in town and gracing us with his presence on Sunday? Also…I might be crazy, but I think Ann sold the snack bar and retired:( Ghetto Burger no longer

  3. Hi everyone! I’m getting scrawny arms- might have to be in blue band status! =( have a good day!

    • Hi Caitlin! We miss you!

  4. I love that Connor is in the background of this shot!

    • Yes! He’s been so nervous about doing his crossfit kid stuff in front of others (ah teenagers) but seeing himself in the pic just now made him super-happy πŸ™‚ (thank LD)

      and @ Kelly…what? no more snack bar?? i’m going to investigate in person & will report back

      • I think Kelly is right.

        • Ms. Ann’s is OPEN πŸ™‚

          And OMG…it’s totally worth the trip. Granted, i haven’t eaten an actual burger in over a year, so my opinion could be biased, but i had a “‘Hood Burger” and it was the BEST burger i can remember ever eating (and i could only finish 1/2 of it). Connor got the “Ghetto burger” which looked equally delicioso.

          …as far as I can tell, the only diff b/n ‘hood & ghetto was the ghetto had lettuce/tomato & ‘hood had coleslaw…in addition to 2x 1/4 pound patties, cheese, fried-bacon, mustard, ketsup, mayo, grilled onions, on a toasted sesame bun…and nope, my inner “Grok” doesn’t feel guilty at all.

          as for back-story, Ms. Ann IS looking to sell & retire. But hasn’t found anyone yet to buy…is there a “Crossfit-burger Rx” in anyones’ future??

          • So I had to investigate this after the posts yesterday. Can’t believe I’ve missed the ghetto burger opportunity…I better get over there while Ms. Ann is still flipping. Hope I don’t make her mad; I hear she has a short fuse.

  5. First attempt doing weighted pull-ups:

    10 lb
    15 lb F
    15 lb
    20 lb F x 2
    15 lb
    15 lb
    20 lb (for good measure, but still failed)

    • You did awesome and looked like you were having fun!

    • You’re my CrossFit hero!

  6. Weighted pull-up:
    10,15,20,25 all with single dumbell then put on weighted vest
    vest 15 # + 10#, 15#, 20#
    vest 22.5 + 15= total 37.5#

    followed by Annie 9:45 PR by 18 seconds!

    • Nice work, Meeks! Amazing Annie time!

    • Nice Shannon!

  7. 40 – 55F – 45 – 55 – 65F – 65 – 70F
    Total = 65 + 153 (body weight) = 218

    Last October I weighed 8 lbs less and got a PR of 80 for a total of 225.

  8. Wow. Kudos to all you Growlers who did the Team WOD this morning! Zeke, Kelly and I did some weightlifting, then ran through it at noon:

    This was SO HARD! Thank goodness I had Zeke and Kelly to chase, because this would have been worse than miserable to do alone. I admit that I was guilty of stopping 5-10 seconds early on each work interval, but I still pushed myself harder on that workout than I have in quite a while. I MIGHT have been able to get a handful more reps in competition, but not too much more. First round of squat clean thrusters was 13 straight through, then smaller sets. The burpee things I just tried to keep moving, but my abs began to fatigue after the first 5 reps of each round. Squat clean thrusters degenerated into 5, then 3, then singles. I sweat buckets, and I actually had to lay out for a minute afterwards. Whew.

    Squat Clean Thrusters@75lbs: 20-15-16 (51)
    Burpee Toes-to-Rings: 15-14-16 (45)
    TOTAL = 96

    • I agree…today was a bruiser for sure!!!
      Sq.clean thruster combo: 17-13-13
      Burpee/T2R: 23-20-18

      Total: 104

  9. I( enjoyed the Growlery’s Team WOD…well, in concept anyway. Tough workout, but Joel and I worked it! I feel good about my decision to keep the weight low on the squat clean thrusters (43#) as this is my first time doing cleans or thrusters since my latest back episode. There was a little bit of tightness but no spasms. I was able to keep moving, that’s progress enough. Besides, 43# provided plenty of work!

    • That was definitely a tough one.
      Squat Cleans:
      Trish – 43# – 17, 17, 16
      Joel – 88# – 13, 11, 13
      Trish – 16, 18, 19
      Joel – 16, 14, 16

      Total – 186

  10. Since terri has been crossfitting she is a LOT more help moving heavy ass sculptures. She was a HUGE help this morning after our workout with nary a whine or complaint! Terri is a badass.

    • πŸ™‚ I’m a badass!

      p.s. I do still wish Ruth didn’t insist on making such heavy artwork.
      p.p.s. Don’t tell her I said that. I’m a badass.

  11. Terri and I teamed on the Growlery with a 32# bar and knee raises after the burpees. We both got a 62. I wish I had known we were so close because I would have tried to beat her! πŸ™‚

    • …so you know, bronze and iron and stuff is great for sculpture, but what about cheetos? i mean, they’re plentiful. organge. delicious. or pork-rinds? very paleo…and could be ground & combined with eggs-n-stuff to make clay for “edible-sculptures” πŸ˜€ (oh, and a certain bad-a$$ I know says not to tell you that pork-rind sculpture would be easier to carry around) πŸ˜‰

  12. The Grrrrowlery today was Grrrreat! Ruth and I were a team!

    Burpees/ring knee lifts: 11, 10, 10
    Squat clean thrusters (32#): 11, 10, 10

    Total = 62

    I kept moving through the burpees/knee lifts, which is a first for me. I did rest during the evil squat clean thrusters, but not nearly as much as usual. Progress!

    • Y’all make a great team! Especially posting.

      • You are badasses!

  13. I like this one because my starting body weight makes it look more impressive.
    30-40-55-65f-60f-60f-55 with a starting weight of 230. So that is a pullup of 285 total.

  14. Went bike riding this morning. Looks like I missed some fun. Or work.

    • Its always both, I think πŸ™‚

  15. Joe and I teamed up to do the Grrrrrowlery wod.

    I think he got something like 69 reps
    I got 75
    Squat Clean Thrusters 11, 9, 8 (uggg, I am so weak)
    Burpee/toes to ring 17, 15, 15

    Then, I did my mile again with a timer that actually was running! 7:45

    • Oh, I used 70 lb for the SCT.

      • Strong!

  16. Team Growlery WOD (went solo)
    3 Rounds for Total Reps:
    2 min Squat Clean Thrusters (75#w,105#m)
    rest 1 min
    2 min Burpee/Toes to Rings
    rest 1 min

    SCT (18,15,14)+ Burpee/TTR (17,15,12)= 93 total

    This was a hard one. Slow cycle times for both movements translated to (I love “CrossFit Math”)~1 rep per 8 seconds. Took a nap in my workout clothes (ick) about 1.5 hrs later.

    • (@65#)

      Nice work today!

      • um yeah, not Rxd! wish I’d gone RXd but still trying to get back into it!

    • You rock woman!

  17. […] Compare toΒ 100814. […]

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