Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HQ Rest Day

Growlery WOD HERE.

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  1. I *love* the noon Growlery, but I miss Damon. 😦

    • Then you will need to do TWO workouts each day to get in all your awesome coach time!

    • I miss you too T-Mac (deleted my other name for you) ;-).
      Been working on getting back in the swing of things this week, but I will probably make it in a couple times next week at noon to check you all out and maybe even workout. Keep up the gr8 work though, remember Progress Is The Priority!!

      • Yay! Come and work out with us!

        What I learned at the Growlery today: 1) a minute is a LONG time 2) my hips are weak 3) I don’t know how to suck it up and push through pain 4) I hate pain 5) I hate pull ups (already knew #4 and #5)

        44# for BS and SJ | green band for C2B PU | stepped onto a 24″ box | Total = 127

        PU = 14, 10, 10
        Box = 9.5, 7, 5.5
        SJ = 8, 7, 7
        Row = 8, 8, 8
        BS = 10, 7, 8

  2. Did 1st WOD from the upcoming Garage Games
    800m run / 10 pull-ups / 20 burpees / 40 situps / 10 cleans @ 95 / 40 box jumps (20″) / 400m run

    There is still time to sign up.

    • Dude, you really might take that open division…it’s gonna be fun to WATCH 🙂

    • Yeah, I think you will do awesome!!

      • I doubt that but hopefully it will go okay. Some of my weaknesses come up early in the WODS, which isn’t a good thing given the elimination process. It should be an interesting experience in any case.

  3. Made up “Adambrown.” I might have liked the LOOK of this wod yesterday, but I didn’t like the torture of actually doing it at 5:30 this morning! But it was a good challenge.

    154# deadlifts
    81# bench press
    81# cleans

    Aaron, I am so glad you’re doing the garage games!!

    • WOW… VERY impressive… I struggled with half the workout!

    • Yea…”ADAMBROWN” is a bit excessive, but you handled it!

      P.S. Thanks again for bringing Will, he got his “Struggle” in this morning…and EVERYBODY knows what that yields 😉

      • He was SPENT when he got home this morning! Thanks for taking time with him…he will really enjoying working with you

  4. Made up Sunday’s WOD (8/8)

    5 rounds even

    76# for Back Squat
    25# Dumbbells for OH Lunges

  5. Growlery

    “Power Gone Bad” (same format as FGB)

    Back Squats, 75#
    CTB pullups, (green band)
    Box Jumps, 24″ (scaled to step-ups)
    Push Jerks, 75#

    BS: 15,12,11
    CTB: 9,7,6
    Box: 5,5,5 (2 step-ups = 1)
    PJ: 16,15,12
    Row: 7,8,7

    Total: 139

    Disappointed. Thought I should have done better.

    • I just looked at our numbers for the last FGB. For both of us, they were much higher. I blame the pull ups. And the giant box steps. And the split jerks. And maybe the back squats.

      • As Laura explained, we can’t compare this WOD to FGB. I was expecting my numbers to be higher because the weights were not heavy for me, really. But as LD explained, it’s not only about strength, it’s about POWER. And POWER and SPEED are the last things to come per Ms DeMarco. Maybe now that I have cleaned up my nutrition, and if I continue to eat well, I can get me some POWER and SPEED to go with my STRENGTH.

        • I must have been distracted by my apprehension when she was talking about that. I missed it!

          • You were busy worrying about stepping up on the box “near all this metal” and worrying about hitting your head, and finding a new location for the box that wasn’t too far from the previous station. 😉

          • There was A LOT of metal! I could have knocked myself out!

          • You guys crack me up!!! hahahahahaha!

        • Silly nutty Terri. That is why we love her.

  6. “Power gone bad”

    Box jumps 24″ 17, 17, 15
    Split jerk 75 lb 9, 7, 8
    Row (cals) 13, 10, 10
    Backsquat 75 lb 10, 8, 8
    Chest to Bar pullups 8, 9, 7

    Total 156 which also is a lot less than my FGB

    But I learned that:
    1) starting with box jumps is good for me. I got only one fewer 24″ jump today, than 20″ on Saturday when I started with wall ball shots)
    2) backsquats are hard to do after rowing but that just means I need to use less quad in BS…
    3) for me this really was about power as I was not nearly as winded as FGB but muscle fatigue was the issue with me. I really thought I would get more pullups but my forearms were more tired than I thought from the rowing and split jerks. And my bs were slower because of the rowing…interesting.

    I’d like to try this again starting with pullups and see how that goes.

  7. GrrrrrooOOW…ahek ahek cough hack hack… :p

    “Power Gone Bad”
    77# split jerk
    99# back squat
    Total: 167

    • woohoo…glad you are back!

    • GOOD JOB! (Oops. Caps lock.) Great score!

    • Still coughing…

    • That’s GREAT,Sheryl. I want to be happy for you, but I’m too busy wanting to quit.

      • Don’t you dare quit.

      • no quitting! Growling and whining and general bellyaching is fine, but no quitting allowed! 😉

  8. Growlery

    Backsquats 17, 13, 12
    Pullups 12. 11, 12
    box 5, 5, 4
    Split Jerk 9, 8, 9
    Row 7, 6, 7

    Total 137

    backsquats 44#, jerk 44#, pullups black band, box modified to 24″ step ups.

  9. Growlery day 2. I’m likin’ it!

    power gone bad:
    55# sj: 16-14-14
    row: 12-12-11
    71# bs: 15-13-13
    c2b: 12-11-10
    24″ bh: 21-15-18

    total 207

    My back is feeling better but still going to ease into using heavier weights. Also, going to try to focus more on my buttocks. I am seriously lacking POWER there (i.e. I have no ass) and perhaps a little more backside would mean my lower back won’t have to work so hard. We’ll see if this theory works. I’m calling it ‘Operation Ass.’ Squeeze!

    • ahahahaha! That’s funny stuff Trish. I’ll be interested to hear how you are planning on measuring the success of Operation Ass! You know, I saw in the store one time these weird and funny looking “butt enhancers.” They’re like padded underwear or some shit. It’s soooo crazy. But hey, you could always go that route…hehe.

  10. I need a butt enhancer for sure! I may do the tape measure thing…if I do I’ll be sure to post my progrASS 🙂

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