Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
30 Box jumps, 24 inch box
25 Back extensions
205 pound Deadlift, 20 reps

Graham Holmerg 14:04, Pat Barber 14:34, Jason Khalipa 14:55, Elyse Umeda 17:45 (20″ Box, 155lbs), Karianne Dickson 17:53 (135lbs), Valerie Mackenzie-Voboril 18:33 (140lbs), Kim Malz 21:30 (145lbs), Laurie Galassi 21:56 (205lbs). Post time to comments.

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  1. 630am Crew! I go to bathroom and you ALL leave your weights out!?!
    (*Mean Face Goes Here*)

    • Yikes, sorry Damon! You can set out some extra weights on Monday for us to put away. Or maybe you’ll have to make us help bring in the kettle bells after they are cleaned. You’ll think of something to make it up to us 🙂

  2. ooooh – someone’s in trouble. Ok – my legs are jelly today after the 2 for 1 wallballs and squats yesterday. 24 inch box jumps seem daunting.

  3. Damon, I’m really sorry! I totally forgot. I’m blaming it on getting up a half-hour earlier. My brain is still set to snooze. I’ve forgotten to write down my times for the last two workouts too. You can give me extra chores tomorrow. I’ll vacuum the dumbbells or something. Or wax your truck.

    (*self-ingratiating naive smilie here*)

    • 23:02 with 152 lb deadlift

  4. I was not there this morning– so it wasn’t me! 🙂 I enjoyed sleeping or trying to. Will be in at 4:30 and still looking for substitutions to give the arm more rest. Running instead of rowing? Don’t know what a deadlift sub could be.

    • Apparently no substitute needed for DL, although I only used 88lbs. Ran instead of rowing, and hopped on 15″ box. It felt like a workout!

  5. Couldn’t quite make the 7:30 time this morning, so came in at noon. Used 159# for dead-lifts

  6. Time: 25:50

    Red box, 99 lb DL

  7. 25:57
    24″ box
    142# dl

  8. Still wiped out from this AM.
    ~32 min–proud of finishing all 90 20inch box hops, DL at 143#

    • Fantastic, Meeks!

  9. 24″ box
    104# DL


    Legs were like jelly by the last round. Completely wiped-out on the box jumps when I had 5 left to do. Not one of my finer moments…lol

    • Hey, sounds very fine to me!!

      • Well, not wiping out, but jumping on a 24″ box plus deadlifting 104… 🙂

  10. Rx’ed this.

    too slow on deadlifts. Should have used a little less.

  11. kettle bell ladder
    35#, got to round 16
    as many double unders as you can get in 8 min: 86

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