Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HQ Rest Day


Growlery programming will now be available for noon sessions, Monday through Friday! Growlery sessions will continue to run at 5pm and 6pm, M-F, and 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

Today’s Growlery WOD HERE.

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  1. Made up Sunday’s squat clean thruster/c2b WOD:
    8:50 @ 98 lbs
    Think I could go heavier and take a little more time next time.

    • There IS always a next time…Fast work either way!

  2. 3 rounds
    15 dead lifts @ 176#
    10 ring inversions
    10 box hops (24#, up and over)

  3. Did the DeMarco Growlery from yesterday as rx- 220 (sq cln) + 192 (amrap) = 412 total points. Made me sweat. Great workout. I’m really enjoying 5:30am. Thanks for the new programming!!!!

  4. Also tried the Growlery workout this morning, and I loved it!

    as rx’d: 130# squat clean + 3 rounds + 10 KB squat cleans+20 KB swings (210) = 340 total points

  5. Made up my own WOD for myself today, working on my mid-line stabilizers.
    3 Rounds:
    15 DeadLifts 225#
    10 Ring Inversions
    10 Box Hop (up and overs)

    Took longer than I thought, my deadlifts still aren’t right; I don’t usually go with the belt at that weight.

  6. Also Morning Crew,
    Please remember that the Growlery workouts are currently exclusive to the hours listed above. Zeke, we talked about your lifting and we’ll start working on that tomorrow.

    530am, and 630am were pretty happening for a “rest day”, let’s see if can’t keep that rolling through Friday 🙂

    PS. Welcome Will, glad to have you!

    PPS. If you all get to see him this week, be sure to thank the Big Homey Rudy for getting the pull up bars in…they’re ready!

    • Yeah, Will, it’s great to have you fighting along with us. And thanks for lowering the pullup bars. The short ones are finally the perfect height for me! : )

    • I thought we were allowed to so the workout of our choice on rest days?

      • i meant “do” not “so”

      • Yes, but L’s program (instruction, execution and warm up) is not an “off the board” WOD.
        Once the month long expriment is complete, other session (including AM) times may be offered. However, for now…lunch, evenings and weekends are when she is available.
        Rest days are still make up and choice days…that won’t change 🙂

  7. Growlery: 5 rounds of 10 DL and 20 box jumps, 19:11

    99# and 15# box

    Also worked on getting comfortable with being upside down in preparation for handstands. Did some tripod holds (with feet down) and faced the wall, walked feet up, and held for as long as 60 seconds.

    • I should note for the record: I’ve been struggling (again) with big fear of the box jump until very recently. I couldn’t make myself jump on the 15″ box a couple of workouts ago. Today I did 100 jumps on the 15″ and even stumbled once and kept going. Laura pointed this out to me. (Thanks for the reminder!)

  8. So I think I’ve figured out the Growlery. . .

    Do your regular warmup just like before.
    Then do the special growlery warmup.
    (I’m a dripping mess at this point).
    Then do a mini-workout that gets you all worn out before the real workout so that you suck at the workout. 😉

    Today’s Growlery:
    The group warmup included some good stuff that I haven’t done in a while…I like.

    10 minutes Handstand practice. After a minute with this body in a handstand, I was pretty tired. And my upper back which is injured somehow was screaming at me by this point. Kept at it as best I could for 9 more minutes. Part of the time I worked on kicking into a handstand. I’m not menatally ready for that yet so it’s not happening yet. But still I think I made a little progress.


    5 rounds
    10 Deadlifts (176# for R1, 154# for R2-5)
    20 Box Jumps, 15″ box


    Back pain and spasms made the deads really slow and difficult today. And my jumpers were not working today. Had to do the 15″ box. Having a rough week so far.

    • Ha! Funny description of the new program! 😀 You did not, however, suck at the workout. I’m sorry you’re having a tough week. You’re doing better than you think.

    • If by “having a rough week” you mean CF’s been rough…looks like it’s b/c you’ve been working hard. Nice job.

    • I just did the growlery once so far but I was a “dripping mess” after the warmup too, Glad I am not the only one!

  9. made up yesterdays WOD.

    it took a while but this was my first time doing DUs in a workout.

    39:16 (thanks to kelly and michael for pushing me)

    • YAY!!

    • Hey nice job!!!

    • you totally showed that wallball who was BOSS today…AND rocked out a ton of DU’s! just wait til next time DU’s come up & you’ll see that investment pay off big-time! Nice work @ the power hour today 😉

  10. Growlery (I am enjoying it very much!)

    10 min handstand holds – only trouble was with tired shoulders and old wrist injury.

    5 rounds
    10 deadlifts – 125 lb
    20 box jumps 20″ box


    What’s really nice is the deadlifts seemed really light!

    • You’re turning into a tiny little beast.

  11. Ah crud, I took an afternoon nap and missed the groweries. Poo.

  12. I love the Growlery!
    main goal with the handstands was to do them unassisted
    deadlift weight was either 104 or 109 (66-69% of max), sets were 10, 5/5, 4/3/3 x 3
    20″ box

  13. As part of my back rehab I did an alternate WOD…10 rounds of 250m row + 25 54# bench press: 36:16

    I felt pretty good throughout…no back spasms – just a little tightness later in the evening. I’ve noticed after being out for a few days with an injury, I come back with a renewed sense of gratitude for being healthy…regardless of how I did conquering the WOD. To be able to work hard and feel good is success – I lose sight of that sometimes.

    • I like that sentiment Trish. That’s a good reminder, I’m sure we all lose sight of that sometimes. And whatevs, you are a total badass…what’s all this nonsense about “not conquering the wod” pshhh! 😉

      • It’s great that you are posting your workouts here and staying a part of the CFRX community! Sounds like you found a gym almost as cool as CFRX 🙂

  14. 3×5 Press at 25kg

    “Tabata This” (regular tabata, but you only count the lowest rep you get out of the 8 rounds.)
    push ups-5
    sit ups-11
    pull ups-4
    row-3 cal.
    Total: 37

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