Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Five rounds for time of:
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
20 Box jumps, 24 inch box
25 Pull-ups

Kristan Clever 16:29 (155lb Deadlift), Rebecca Voigt 22:36 (155lb Deadlift). Post times to comments.

Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, of North Fort Myers, Fla., assigned to the 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Special Operations Advisor Group, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command at Camp Lejeune, was killed in action on July 8th, 2009 in Nimroz Province, Afghanistan, while supporting combat operations. He is survived by his wife Amy and three children, Michael, Landon and Olivia.

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  1. Jax! Pullups just for you! 😉

  2. Damn, I’m thinkin’ if it took Kristan Clever 16 and change…its gonna take me FOREVER!!!
    Be there at noon.

    • But on a good note….I did 50 24″ box jumps for time today and got 2:50…last time I did this (about 3 weeks ago) I had 3:26….I will NOT let my height stymie me!!

      • Yay!

  3. I’d like to come in at noon, stretch, and row. I’m hoping to work out some of the soreness from Angie. I’ll tackle this one on Thursday.

    • Ended up doing 3 rounds of Roy, with 110# DL, ring rows, and 15″ box. 😀 24:42

      Worked on jumping, and it’s getting less scary. FUN day at the gym!!! And now, on the rest day, I get to REST! How festive!

      • Atta girl, T!

  4. I’m having difficulty breathing (so hot) and my hands are still burning from lots and lots of pullups. It’s tought to do deads and pullups with burning palms. Not my best effort, but an effor nonetheless. As RX- 23:35

    • Pretty darn good, Zeke!!

    • Yeah, I am worried about the hands too after Angie on Sun and CFT yesterday…

  5. Mostly slowed down by the pouting. Not feeling strong. Deadlifts 110#. Used small black box for hops. First round of pull ups with new red band, then switched to black. (Rips & soreness from Angie yesterday afternoon.) Five rounds.

    • Joy, you are SO much the better woman!! There will be lots of pouting today as my hand is completely shredded. Funny how that masks all the other soreness, though!

    • Pouting slows me down quite often. 🙂

  6. 30:00 even.
    Deadlifts @154 lbs

    I can identify with Joy’s pouting. CrossFit is HARD. It’s hot. Hands are sore and ripped. And I don’t like deadlifts. Some days your body just doesn’t wanna do it. I felt that way today too, but facing up to it and pushing through always make me feel like I’ve accomplished something big before most people I know have even gotten out of bed.

  7. I did not do Roy justice… no excuses, I have just not been making CF a priority this month.

    23:55 for THREE rounds
    (110# deadlifts, 20″ box, red band)

    Am out of town tomorrow through Sunday and am making a promise to bring my A game when I return!

  8. Am very glad not to be doing this today. Ran 30:38, about 3.5 miles. Then 500m lake swim. Haven’t used the pull-up bars yet, but will this afternoon

    • How’s your butt? :mrgreen:

      • Surprisingly only slightly sore. Guess I’ve made some progress, since a few months ago I did 20 pistols and was sore for a week!

  9. This is going to be death by pullups for me. Ugh.

  10. 5 rounds with 176# DLs

    Ready for a break from pull-ups

  11. Did RX – 34:53

    Had to take an hour off work to recover and shower. But proud to have finished.

    Can someoone tell me if my hands will ever look good? I used to be proud of my crossfit hands, but now they just bother me.

    • Wow — Nice job, Bryan! My hands are disgusting too.

      • Thanks – but I didn’t do Angie this weekend. Thank goodness

  12. Rx for 5 rounds 31:21
    HARD!!! But my deads and box jumps are definitely improving.
    Oh, and my hands are a wreck too!

    • VERY impressive. You are so dedicated to improving. It is inspiring.

    • Good job!

  13. I did the power hour today! It was fun. I am still deadly sore from angie, so I worked on my jump rope with some good instruction from Kelly, then did a 2.5k row. Still sore, but I worked up a good SWEAT.

    • Yeah, your jumps def improved just during the hour (= power 😉

    • You sure did. You were Sweaty Sweaterton from Sweatville, Georgia! 😀 GREAT job with the jump rope!!

      • Thanks folks!

  14. 5 rounds Roy Rx: 25:32

    I felt like I was staring at the bars quite a bit

    • Impressive!

      • Yes – great job

  15. Found a CrossFit 3 miles from my parent’s house in Hinckley, Ohio!

    400m run
    50 push ups (hands up at the bottom)
    20 deadlifts (body weight)
    400m run
    40 push ups
    15 deadlifts
    400m run
    30 push ups
    10 dead lifts


    • NICE! Its fun to visit other places too!

      • Really nice group of people…mostly kids since it was around 10am. Interesting to see how other places are run.

    • I’m very impressed you checked out another CrossFit – it can be lots of fun!

      • I called them 15 minutes before the 10:00 class and they told me to get my butt over there quick!

  16. My first Power Hour…great energy and time of day. Wish my work schedule would permit it more often.

    Roy, 5 rounds: 33:15? 33 and something.

    DLs were 109#, used the old red band for pullups and red box for jumps. Missed a couple of jumps for the first time, but I didn’t die or hurt myself. What did hurt was my ripped hands…Kelly had me do ring rows for the last 25. Ouch.

    • Great working next to you!

  17. It was not a great evening for me at the gym. I started Roy with 155 and after the first round I knew my back was not going to cooperate. By the end of the third round (I went down in weight after round 2) the spasms were too much to work through so I called it quits. I knew my back wasn’t 100% going in but stubbornly went with 155 when I shouldn’t have. I guess I’m going to have to back down on the weight for a while and try to heal this back once and for all.

    Nice job all those who made it through today!

    • Yes, take care of that back and come back strong….we can do this one again in a few months!!

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