Monday, July 26, 2010

HQ Rest Day

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  1. What are Abmat butterfly unanchored situps?

    And why are all these folks on the HQ site using the “new pushup standard”?
    They seem a whole lot easier (at least for me)…so it doesn’t seem like that should be a “new standard”…just my two cents.

    Oh, and I’m the one not working in the picture – haha!

    • Butterfly unanchored situps are the ones with the soles of your feet together in a “butterfly stretch” position…I’m sure you’ve seen and done them.
      As far as the push ups go, ever so often something is done in competition and people go crazy and start calling it the “new CF standard”. Like chest to bar pull ups, muscle ups with turn out, or these crazy push ups. They aren’t the “new CF standard” for push ups and Dave Castro said so himself…people just like new toys I guess. 😉

  2. Made up Sunday’s Angie:

    17:50 Rx
    New PR by 1:18

    • Damn that’s fast!

      • Wow.

    • You were so fast! Awesome work.

    • Yea, there was some good work done this mornin…a couple PRs, a little “A$$ Hauling” and some motivated people for a rest day. Keep it up morning crew 🙂

    • badass mike.

    • Man mike, I sure am glad I wasn’t there to battle it out with you this morning! That was fast!

      • Thanks, guys! I wasn’t about to relinquish that third spot on the board without a fight! : )

  3. Made up CF Total

    BS: 221 (PR, +1)
    SP: 100 (PR, +2)
    DL: 265 (PR, +1)

    Total: 586 (That’s a PR by +35 over previous by CFT of 551 on 10/13/09)

    • WOW! Impressive!


    • Strong woman!!

    • Pat is a CrossFit weight-lifting “top female.”

      • Yes, definitely a “top female” 😉

    • Niiiiice!

    • You did great today, Pat!

  4. Made up Hellacious Helen; 30:56 (used red band for pullups)

  5. I was among the less motivated rest day crowd. Made up 1 round of Friday’s WOD, but didn’t push too hard and couldn’t get motivated for a second round.

    30 burpees, 15 C2B pull-ups, 21 OHS (66#), Run 400m, 30 Toes 2 Bar, 15 C2B pull-ups, 21 C&J (66#), Run 400m

    ~25 min

    • dude, you must have been less motivated…I know you could do that faster 🙂

  6. Made up my own lake house version of angie while on vacation. Subbed 100 pistols for pullups. That alone took me 10:27

    100 pistols (about 60 w right leg and 40 w left)
    100 pushups
    100 situps
    100 squats


    Apparently my dad heard me say I couldn’t do the workout rx because I didn’t have a pull-up bar. By the time I was done with my workout he had rigged one up for me in the garage! I guess I’m not getting out f doing pull-ups on this vacation!

    • 100 pistols AND 100 squats. Whew!

    • Yea, I think I like your Dad….

      • My dad is the best. He’s a lot like McGuyver

    • That’s awesome – or not so awesome if you were hoping to get a break from PUs 😉 And…that’s a lot of freakin’ pistols!

    • Pistols AND squats?!? Can you still walk???

      • I don’t feel it yet…but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow!

    • whoa…that is a helluva lota pistols! I think my legs would be total jelly after that much work.

    • damn, I can’t believe you did that!
      and what a great dad!

    • Did 500 m swim in the lake laterr in the day

  7. Fresh (?) from vacation, I’m thinking about coming in this afternoon, but everyone’s set the bar so high with all the PRs, I’m thinking maybe not…

    • Get on in there. I know you will.

      • If you say so, Pat! 🙂

        • Looking for you Joy?!?

          • I was there & left a big puddle of sweat behind!

  8. Made up Crossfit total

    BS 125 (+20)
    Press 72 (+13)
    Deadlift (+32)


    Obviously a big PR from 12/12/09 – 340 – when I did this last time….in the parentheses are the gains from the CFtotal in Dec….I have done more in separate wods since then. But very pleased!

    • Shoot, DL was 208….

      • Woo hoo! That’s the way!

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