Friday, July 23, 2010

Workout will be posted at the gym.

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  1. My prediction? Pain.

  2. At least you know it doesn’t involve 12′ wall climbs or 20′ rope climbs! HA!

    • Looking forward to whatever it is!! Including beer drinking 🙂

  3. My suggestion? Beer and fun to celebrate.

  4. I like Sheryl’s idea!

  5. I have to run 2 miles tomorrow, so if it doesn’t include 2 miles (or beer) then I am doing my run. I feel the need to express this now, so that I don’t look like a punk tomorrow….and so that Damon doesn’t give me the “you are being a punk” look.

  6. pic of new gym?

  7. 2 rounds:
    30 burpees
    15 chest-to-bar pullups
    21 OHS @ 66 lbs
    400m sprint
    30 toes-to-bar
    15 chest-to-bar pullups
    21 clean & jerk @ 66 lbs
    400m sprint

    That was a long one. One round would have been a good workout. Two wiped me out. Finally starting to get the hang of OHS but it takes me forever to warm up my shoulders enough (Damon, thanks for the anti-pain gel — where do you get it?). The weight seemed about right to me which means I probably should have done more.

    • How long did it take you?

      • Oh yeah!
        40:50 — Thanks, Pat!

        • That’s what I was afraid of…

    • anti-pain gel??? Is there something I need to know??

  8. I will make it in later…I will make it in later…I will make it in later…

    (Of course, beer and fun incentive would help 😉 )

    • I think they are ignoring you, Sheryl. Guess we’ll have to make our own fun. 4pm?

      • i land at 4:30…coming in straight from airport if someone is promising beer and fun

      • Sorry to be missing all of the “fun” 😉

  9. Unfortunately, I cannot make it in today 😦
    I did one round of what Mike did at home, except I did strict pullups instead of chest to bar and 55 lbs because I don’t have bumper plates at home and I have already put one dent into my floor doing OHS!

    30 burpees
    15 strict pullups
    21 OHS 55 lb
    400m run (notice I didn’t call it a sprint)
    30 toes to bar
    15 strict pullups
    21 clean and jerk 55 lb
    400m run

    I thought the clean and jerk would be a piece of cake but after the toes to bar and the strict pullups my grip was shot and that made the jerks harder than I thought!

    Good job to Mike for completing two rounds of this!

    • I am impressed that you did this at home!!

  10. 2 rounds:
    30 burpees
    15 chest-to-bar pullups (blue+tiny)
    21 OHS, 66#
    400m run
    30 KTE on bench
    15 chest-to-bar pullups
    21 clean & jerk, 66#
    400m run


  11. I chose to do only 1 round of this, and boy am I glad. That was tough. Used rx weight for OHS and C&J.


  12. This is the workout that finally nearly killed me.

    I forced myself to even do this WOD because I had way too much limoncello and wine and pool fun the night before, so the fact that I finished was a bonus to me. I never felt like I pushed myself, but I consistently felt near death. I even walked 1.5 of the 400 meter ‘runs’

    54:23 Rx (or right around this time). I think I can do it faster; not sure if I will ever try again though;)

  13. 2 rounds:
    30 burpees
    15 chest-to-bar pullups (blue+green)
    21 OHS, red bar + 10kg
    400m run
    30 KTE on bench
    15 chest-to-bar pullups
    21 clean & jerk, lady+10kg
    400m run


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