Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seven rounds for time of:
205 pound Clean, 3 reps
4 Ring handstand push-ups

Graham Holmberg 4:26, Chris Spealler 4:27, Kristan Clever 3:37 (135lbs, strict HSPU on plates). Post time to comments.

Highlights from the 2010 CrossFit Games, by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

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  1. One year ago today I walked in for my first wod. I’m feeling great & grateful. Thanks, coaches and fellow crossfitters!
    Power cleans 71#
    HSPU w/2 black bands, then switched one to green
    Forgot to write my time down! 10:__

    Happy Birthday, Therese!

    • Way to go, Joy! Congrats!

      • Congrats Joy! You’ve gotten a lot stronger in the 9 months I’ve been at RX.

        For me today 99# PC, box + weight pushups

        Finally able to get myself into a handstand with the bands….now to figure out the pushups.

    • Congrats Joy and thanks!
      Both of you have come a long way – isn’t it fun to see such progress?

    • Congrats! It’s great to workout with you in the morning too!

    • Congrats Joy! You’ve made a TON of progress and have been a pleasure to work with…I woulda said a “joy” to work with, but that woulda been cheesy 😉

      • Damon, being cheesy never stopped anyone else on this blog! 🙂

  2. First WOD doing HSPUs unassisted. Last two rounds of HSPUs were only halfway down though.


    • YAY!

    • Yea you did Fella! Way to stay in the fight!

      • Thanks, D! : )

  3. 110#
    pike pushups on 24″box+20#plate, using parallettes to 3 abmats


    • That was a tough workout. My right wrist was sore from playing badminton the day before so I had to do the ring HSPU’s with my left. Or maybe I just did some ugly thingy with my knees on the 20″ box. I dunno. Reality gets kinda foggy.

      • 🙂

  4. Congrats Joy! and Happy Birthday Therese!

    115# cleans
    strict HSPUs (still need to work on depth when i get tired)

  5. 10:05

    82# cleans
    Pushups from 24″ box

  6. That was tough!!!! Managed to complete 3 rounds and one clean in twelve minutes. Then after round 5 I couldn’t make any more cleans at 205 so I dropped to 176 for rounds 6 & 7. The ring HSPU were pretty easy. So my overall time was 33 minutes and some change.

    • 205# gets heavy really fast when you’re 155 lbs…good job with it!

      • It gets really heavy no matter what – way to go Zeke

  7. Thanks Damon!! Next time, all seven rounds are mine.

  8. This turned out terrible for me… I think my shoulders were just worn out from this week, but I may have to realize that my HSPU are not as strong as I thought. Add another to the list.

    Started w/ cleans at 176, but dropped to 154 immediately after warming up.

    I did one ring HSPU, 2 half ones and moved to a series of disasterous attempts at strict HSPU against the wall with different weights. I ended up just doing 15lb plates with an ab mat and kipping; those weren’t even very pretty.

    Frustrating all the way around. I appreciate those power houses in LA even more.

    • on a positive note – I was able to walk almost half way across the gym on my hands.

      • And THAT was one right impressive site. You are an inspiration Scott.

        • Thanks Buddy! I bet it was more humerous to watch than anything. I’m sure I looked like a circus freak.

    • oh, and it took me 28:29

  9. Again, humbled by today’s wod…

    I tried 99 lbs, got one and then missed 4 in a row…dropped to 92 lbs
    Did HSPU with red/red and 10K plates….this was not easy and this is good because I cannot do an unassisted HSPU yet but the red + tiny were getting pretty easy…

    My official time was 17:55 but after the missed 99’s and changing weight, I started over (redid the one rep) at over 2 minutes in…so I”m gonna call it 15:55

    Originally, was very disappointed but after realizing that I have never used 92 in a wod, I was OK with it.

    • Yeah, I was thinking 92# was a hefty weight for you…moving on up. Good job.

    • Happy Birthday Therese!

      • Thanks Ladies!

  10. Finally felt good about a workout in a few weeks. First time doing no bands for HSPU and used no wts just abmat, but all were strict since can’t kip. And used 186 for cleans which was 22 lbs more than I used for squat cleans on 6/30. Time was 16:47

    • You rock!

    • Wow– congrats on the unassisted HSPUs!

  11. 65# cleans
    red+red HSPU


  12. Tough WOD! 99# cleans – 19:40

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