Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Complete as many rounds as possible in seven minutes of:
315 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
20 meter Sprint
14 One legged squats
21 Double-unders
20 meter Sprint

Rich Froning Jr. 5 rounds + 1 double-under, Austin Malleolo 5 rounds + 1 double-under, Annie Thorisdottir 5 rounds + 7 squats (205lb deadlift). Post rounds completed to comments.

The 2010 CrossFit Games Adidas commercial – video [wmv] [mov]

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  1. 1 round + sprint + 14 pistols + 15 DU’s

    205# deadlift
    assisted pistols

    • of course that should be…

      1 round + 7 dl’s + sprint + 14 pistols + 15 du’s

  2. LD- great job out there this weekend. Way to represent the Dirty South and Atlanta. See you around.

  3. 154 lb deadlift

    2 rounds + 7 DL + sprint + 7 pistols

    154 is getting easier – YAY!

  4. After yesterday’s kettlebell swings my back is toast. You get such an appreciation for these athletes and our great coach.

    1 Rd then got to 14 pistols

    • oh I did use 315lbs, so I got a star from Kelly.

  5. Seeing Laura and Damon this weekend, I felt connected to CFRX once again. I was reminded of how fortunate I am to have been introduced to CrossFit by these two great individuals. As a judge, Damon worked tirelessly. As a competitor, Laura was truly inspirational. I hope everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to train with the BEST…I know what it’s done for my foundation.

    • “like”

      I totally agree… glad to see your name again La Mar. I was introduced to CrossFit by Laura and Damon 3 years and 3 gyms ago…and glad to have found my way back to them. This month marked my 1 year anniversary at CFRx.

    • I agree with you both.

      How are you doing LaMar? Still crossfitting, I assume?

    • As I try to find a gym here in Seattle, I also realize just how lucky I was to be at Rx! I was so spoiled! We have narrowed our search down to two Crossfits and I will finally get in a workout at a crossfit gym today and tomorrow. Then we can decide where we want to join. But so far, the coaches and vibe of them is nothing like Rx. I miss you guys!

  6. At 7 minute mark I had done 1 rnd + everything but 14 box hops and the last sprint. Damon said we needed to do 3 rounds for time, so I did 3 rounds in 12:32.
    144# deadlifts, ‘banded’ pistols, box hops

    • Whew, glad we had Kelly, he let us quit after 7 minutes 😉

      • That was a heck of a 7 minutes you did!

  7. Rx
    AMRAP 7 min – 1 Rd + DL, 20Mtr; 10 Pistols
    and kept going to:
    Complete 3 rounds in 13:30 Min

    Deadlifts were heavier than I expected them to feel. After round 1 the pistols got a lot easier – it was just figuring the technique for my right leg.

    I’m starting to like the ring handstand pushups

  8. Hi all! Caitland (get it? caitlin..caitland) is a bit hectic right now, our entire Command staff was relieved of duty (a bad bad thing) 2 weeks before we deploy!! Guess who is the only person left in Georgia to move 200+ Soldiers? This girl.

    But I am trying to get the gym because I got my new Pendlay Do-wins!

    On that note- my rental guy just bragged about how he tries to get at least 3 hours in the gym to “put up some big weights” and I laughed and told him he couldn’t hang at CFRX. He agreed and wants to try it out. =) Take it easy on the meathead!

    • Guess it’s good you’re the one moving the soldiers since it takes a Crossfitter to move heavy stuff! Good luck in Caitland!

  9. 164# DLs, band assisted pistols

    3 Rnds – 8:16

    • Damn, I’d like to do this one head-to-head…when are you doing to be the gym next?

  10. 198#- 2 rds + 2 DL in 7 min
    10:53 for 3 full rounds (DL were really have that last round)

    • Dang, that’s some good work. I bet they felt heavy!

  11. 315#
    Band assisted pistols

    I was right at 2 rounds at the 7 minute mark. I actually managed to reel off 18 straight double unders in the first round, which I’m pretty sure was a new record for me.

    • Nice, that is a heavy deadlift!

  12. Did the wod rx- did 3 rounds and 1 deadlift in 7 minutes. Havy deadlifts for sure. The rest was fine.

  13. Did the 7-min AMRAP with 121# and green band for pistols: 2 rounds and 1 deadlift

  14. 3 rounds in 15:25

    159 lb DL, pistols off the box.

  15. Made this up on Thurs 7/22. Went light on the deadlifts because my low back has been giving me some trouble.pistols we unassisted but had to hold my right foot out when doing the left side because I am not as strong on that side.

    After 7 minutes I had completed 2rds + DL, sprint and 6 pistols. Completed 3 rounds in 8:38.154# dl.

    I really liked this one!

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