Thursday, July 15, 2010

For 20 minutes:
Run 400 meters
Rest precisely the time of the previous run

Post distance to comments.

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  1. On the track at Agnes Scott:

    I was able to complete five 400-meter sprints (2000 meters total) with the prescribed rest in the 20 minute time-limit.

    I PR’ed this morning, and even my slowest sprint was faster than my runs have been lately. Yay.

    1:55 (PR)

    • You did great today, Pat — best running I’ve seen you do!

    • These times are FAST for 400s. Wow.

    • Wish I’d joined you guys at Agnes Scott. Would love to get on a track!

      • We’re planning to go again when running sprints come up. Maybe you can join us next time.

        • I want to go, too!

  2. Nice to see some running for a change. Ran from the black mat a bit past the gate to the radial sign
    Total distance: 3200m
    1) 1:12
    2) 1:16
    3) 1:16
    4) 1:16
    5) 1:17
    6) 1:17
    7) 1:18
    8) 1:16

    • Wow. That’s faaasst.

    • holy crap!!

  3. Ran this on the Agnes Scott track with Pat and Erica. Lost my individual times but total distance was 2600m. 400m sure seems longer there than at the gym!

    • I remember your first sprint was 1:20, with the remainder a little slower. You were fast!

      • Jeez, that is fast! Maybe I should try that track…

        • I think Mike and Erica were actually a little slower on the track. I was just having a good morning I think. It seemed to us that the 400M on the track was LONGER…maybe we’ve been cutting too many corners at the gym or not running all the way as we’ve been advised to do. Or maybe it just seemed longer. But it is FLAT and there are no turns, so you can go all out.

    • Mike, I think your times were something like 1:16, 1:19, 1:19, 1:19, 1:27, 1:23 + 200 m. That may not be exact, but it’s pretty close. I know, because I was sizing up your times. 🙂

  4. Took pity on the dog and did a couple of miles with him this morning. Saw some compatriots running the WOD…Angie, Patrick, Jimmy, you guys looked fast! 🙂

  5. 2800m (7 rounds), you guys are screwed this afternoon when it reaches 94 degrees!

  6. 2000 meters, and Sheryl said I look like an athlete, which makes me wildly happy because I certainly don’t feel like one.

    I love power hour. 😀 I’ll be coming every time there’s a 20-minute AMRAP or other short workout.

    • We love that you love to love Power Hour! Thanks all again for helping with my little gal…small crowd but nice work today! See you all Saturday!!

  7. I love power hours too… but sprinting, not so much. So I played on my own today practicing muscle ups and double unders and then tried the 100 Ft Lunge/ 21-18-15-12-9-6 Pull up/Situp combo/countdown. However, I forget to set the timer, and then forgot the situps, so I did a 2nd homemade WOD

    Same countdown as above but with GHD situps and wall balls. A little harder than I had expected, but was about 10:35 Minutes

  8. SO hot outside at 4PM.


    2000m Total

  9. At the agnes scott track. Couldn’t keep up w/ Mike. I definitely think this was longer, as my usual 400m times are around 1:23 on average. Or could just be that I’ve had a really bad week – very lethargic for some reason and lots of migraines.


    Total 2400 m

  10. When I ran the track at Agnes – I too thought it was longer. Felt much better today

    2800 meters – 1:16/1:21/1:24/1:25/1:25/1:27/1:25

    Very hot at 5pm

    • Nice times!!

  11. See you all at 6AM Friday (Mac… posting to blog just to be safe). I have the key and will cover. Scott

  12. 2400 meters

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